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Hundreds of strange creatures similar to prehistoric creatures appeared at a very strange event in a desert area in the state of Arizona in the United States.

These strange creatures appeared after laying eggs in a lake made of rainwater. According to officials at a nearby monument who witnessed this unique event, creatures appeared in the area after the rainstorm and rain.

The three-eyed creature has been invisible for decades

The egg-sized creature “looks like a tiny pony crab with three eyes,” Lauren Carter, interpreter for the National Wobatki Monument, told LiveScience.

According to the University of Central Michigan, some of these unique creatures are confused and are called “trios” and will lay their eggs in the desert for decades until there is enough rain to create good and suitable lakes, where they can hatch and lay their eggs for future generations.

“Dinosaur Shrimp”

The science magazine noted in its article, “Hundreds of three-eyed dinosaur prawns will appear in Arizona after the monsoon” That was confusing to do.

The shape of these creatures, scientifically called (dinosaur shrimp), takes the form of a circular structure surrounded by a small gear.

“After a monsoon in late July, we knew there was water on the football field, but we didn’t expect anything to live in it,” Carter said. “Then a spectator came up and said, ‘Hello, you have little frogs. Your football field.’

Breeding “in a unique way”

Carter continued, “I took her hand and looked at her and said, ‘What is this? I don’t know anything, but then it turned into a trio, and then I had to search for it.

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These creatures can live up to 90 days and are quickly devoured by native birds, as happened in the shallow pond where they were discovered.

These three eyes are usually joined by female-male reproduction, but in times of scarcity, they have other ways; Where these crustaceans have the most distinctive feature, they are rarely hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female sex organs, and they can perform parthenogenesis, meaning that females can produce offspring from unfertilized eggs.

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