June 1, 2023

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سلاف فواخرجي تنظم قصيدة مؤثرة عن فقدها لوالدها

Solabh Fawakarji writes a poem about losing his father

Juhaina News –

Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakarji organized a poem of free folk poetry in which she mourns the death of her father, the late film critic Mohammad Fawakarji, who died last Wednesday.

Solaf expressed his pain and sadness at Yasmina’s longing for her home, the library and her father’s possessions for him, and the difficulty she had in being in one place and with great kindness and sadness in dealing with her father. With, wrote:

What does it mean to go home and see you?

What does it mean to turn on you, I will not bless you?

What do you mean I do not know my name morning from DMK

What does it mean that the echo is there and not your voice?

You are the owner here but what do you say to the boredom of your perfume

Time has passed, it is not my time, what does it mean that I carry your worries?

And what does it mean to be a hero, a guy barber and shave yourself?

What does it mean if you do not have your watch in your hand?

What does your book mean, and is your library cool?

Your laundry shirt, your pajamas and your details

The olive tree waited for the first rain

The rain has hurt your soul and it has dried up

Grapes are a sweet hero, the tears from them are red

Cactus increased the thorn of oppression and sadness after you

Jasmine doubled your absence, I could not believe it

Baba … I’m a little lost … I miss your scent

If you live two years, I need you

And it will be sooner and sooner

And I am not satisfied with you.

Expressing their sympathy for this great and irreparable loss, the comments of Sulab’s fans expressed their condolences.

Syndicate of Artists in Syria – Damascus Branch, on its own page on the social website, expressed its deepest condolences to Fawakarji.

The union statement said: “The Damascus branch of the Artists’ Syndicate extends its deepest condolences to fellow artist Solab Fawakarji on the death of his father.

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