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The United States approves the administration of a third dose of Pfizer to both groups


On Wednesday, the United States authorized the administration of a third dose Pfizer vaccine According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Covid-19 resistance applies to people 65 and over and “at risk”.

According to the AFP, administration said in a statement that the booster dose could be given to people in both categories 6 months after receiving the second dose.

“High risk”

It said people between the ages of 18 and 64 could be given a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine if they had a “high risk” of developing severe symptoms of the disease or if they had “repeated exposure” to the virus. “High risk of serious complications” related to the disease. Disease.

Janet Wood Crow, executive chairman of the Food and Drug Administration, was quoted as saying: “This category includes” health workers, teachers, school staff, supermarket workers, homeless shelters, prisons and others.


Regression for Biden management

While this category may seem broad, this decision reflects a setback for the president’s administration In the past In mid-August it was announced that U.S. authorities would allow all adults to be given a booster dose.

The government’s statement of the day also provoked widespread criticism because it seemed to confuse the decision of the country’s scientific institutions in advance. But the Food and Drug Administration eventually decided to follow the advice of its advisory board.



It is noteworthy that this group, which includes specialists in epidemiology and epidemiology in particular, announced last week that it would recommend giving booster doses to specific groups of the population, including the elderly and health workers.

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A panel of experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will meet on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the issue, after which health officials will make detailed recommendations to the experts overseeing the administration of the booster dose. Especially indicated by the word “high risk”.

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