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Starfield Ships | How to build, cool designs and cool ships to fly


The best thing about Starfield is the level of spacecraft design it offers. Everything from appearance to weapons, engines and armor can be customized to your personal preference.

If you want to recreate the Kessel Run with the Millennium Falcon, you can hijack like Han Solo or relax with a motley cosmic crew in Milan.

Building a spaceship is one option, but flying a spaceship is another. If you find a nice machine, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing it and making it your own.

Players have already shared their impressive creations on social media since Starfield launched in September, so let’s take a closer look at them for inspiration.

Scroll down for everything you need to know about Starfield ships, including cool designs and cool ships that can fly to make the most of space travel.

Explain how to build ships in Starfield

Starfield ship technician. Bethesda

To build ships in Starfield, you need to go to a space station and talk to the ship’s technician. From there, you can request to customize a ship from your collection, register a new ship, have it repaired, or buy a new one.

An alternative is to build a large landing pad at an outpost. You can use the shipyard to do it yourself.

In the Ship Viewer, go to the Ship Builder by pressing X (on Xbox) or B (on PC). You can move and change individual units by selecting them and pressing Change.

If you make a mistake, you can undo and redo actions. You can switch positions by pressing up and down on the D-pad (on Xbox) or the H and F keys (on PC) to access different units.

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Pressing the A button (Xbox) or the G key (PC) will take you to the add-on menu, where you can see all the available parts. At the bottom of the screen is a row of your ship’s stats, and it’s a smart idea to keep track of them if you want your ship to specialize in specific things like cargo, combat, or speed.

There are plenty of ship parts to choose from, and some vendors will have exclusive access to some of the more exotic units – so be sure to shop around.

By upgrading your sailing and piloting skill levels, you can unlock available ship components and types.

Once you’ve finished customizing your ship, confirm the changes and see your new setup on the landing pad.

I.Eat.Games He has a great guide to boat building on YouTube. Check it out below:

Learn more about Starfield:

Starfield’s best ship models

Starfield spacecraft design. Bethesda

Of course, Starfield’s original starship designs are pretty cool, but it was inevitable that people would try to recreate some of the iconic sci-fi ships – Star’s Millennium Falcon being the most famous. Wars.

Since we write about games, it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of our favorite medium’s spaceships. Teacher neok182 It featured a very impressive rendering of the Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect and an almost perfect Firefly-class ship from Serenity.

Ribs Games On X (formerly known as Twitter) shared a user-created disguise version of the Star Wars X-Wing. Fudge brown.

Even there Construction Guide YouTube courtesy of Fudgiebrown if you want to recreate this yourself.

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We’re also big fans of this freighter that Brad Crooks built on X because it actually reminds us of the red dwarf that bears his name.

Good news, folks! Futurama’s Planet Express, a good ship, is built on Starfield. You can also build your own software for interstellar distribution using this helpful tutorial on Reddit.

If you want to race around the galaxy like Lewis Hamilton, someone has gone to great lengths to create a Formula 1 coaster.

What will you try to create in Starfield? Let’s try making a USG kellion from dead space…

Best ships to fly in Starfield

A Starfield ship targets an enemy ship

The Starfield ship is in operation. Bethesda

If you don’t want to build your own ship, don’t have the funds to buy one, or if it looks like someone else’s ship, you may want to get one for yourself.

Some of the best ships in the game belong to the space pirates The Crimson Fleet. Their ships often have good offensive capabilities and features such as shielded cargo, which allows you to introduce stolen goods and smuggled goods into established systems.

Seizing ships belonging to certain powerful factions must be done with an understanding of the risks, as factions such as the United Colonies respond with force. Bounty hunters can make short work of you, but their ships are also in high demand.

More like this

A particularly cool ship can be obtained by following the Mantis Quest, an epic side quest that has already caused quite a stir on social media.

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We’ll have a full guide on how to get this ship soon (we used it as the main image for this article), but until then, the video below will help you make this very cool ship:

Basically, you have to find a clue on the divider at some point that will lead you to the lair of a legendary ranger called The Mantis. Follow this quest to the end and you will receive their armor And Their epic ship was called the Razorleaf. It’s worth checking out!

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