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Stars who passed away before seeing the last work…the most recent among them is Tariq Abdel Aziz | Art


Next December 2nd will be the show date of Tariq Refaat’s “We Left Two,” starring Tariq Abdel Aziz, who passed away seven days before the scheduled show date. Before him, artist Mustafa Darwish, who died of a heart attack last May at the age of 43, was filming his role in the movie “Shamarek” co-starring Azhar Yassin and Khaled Al-Zawi. Amr Salama. The film will hit theaters in December as well.

Two late Egyptian actors recall behind the camera the sad scenes of the departure of many artistic stars and creators from our world, before viewing their works of art.

In March 2020, Kuwaiti author Sulaiman Al-Yasin passed away, but his fans followed his three posthumous dramatic works, “Passion” directed by Bahraini Mohammed Al-Khafas, which competed in the Ramadan race. In the same year, and “Beat Homes” by writer Abdul Mohsen Al-Routan and director Sultan Khosrawah, was shown at the end of 2020, along with “Sama Aliyah” by Saudi director Muhammad Taham Al-Shammari. The Ramadan season of 2021, which is more than a year after Al-Yasin’s death, has not completed filming many of his scenes, and he will be appearing as the guest of honor. The series achieved wide audience resonance.

Pint Shabandar and Izam Pridi

A traffic accident in March 2015 also caused the death of the Lebanese artist Issam Bridi, but his fans were able to say goodbye to him with the Lebanese-Syrian series “Shahbander’s Girl”, which was shown during the Ramadan season of the same year, and featured Qusay Al-Khouli, Sulafa Mimar and Mona Wassef. were present, and it was directed by Saif Al-Din Subaie, and the creators of the work dedicated its first chapters to the soul of the late artist.

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Randa Marachli and Mirna Al-Muhandis

The deaths of Egyptian actress Mirna Al-Muhandis and Syrian artist Randa Marachli in 2015 were attributed to cancer, and each was shown a posthumous drama series, the “A Moment of Silence from School” trilogy. Of Love” series was shown in 2016, co-starring Syrian stars Modassem Al-Nahar and Tariq. Marasli directed by Safwan Nemo.

As for Mirna Al-Muhandis, she walked out during the public screening of the series “I Want a Man” starring Iyad Nasser, Tafar Al-Abidin, Maryam Hassan and Zuhair Al-Morshedi. Its events are taken from Saudi’s novel. It was directed by Muhammad Mustafa of the same name by novelist Noor Abdel Majeed.

Sheikh Jaber’s latest presentation is Khaled Saleh

Egyptian artist Khaled Saleh died in September 2014, a few days before the premiere of the film “Al Jazeera 2”, in which he collaborated with Ahmed El Sakka, Hend Sabri, Khaled El Sawy and director Sherif Arafa. The role of Sheikh Zabar Jihadi was praised by critics and audiences alike.

Ahmad Zaki and the Nightingale

Egyptian artist Ahmed Zaki dreamed of portraying the character of Abdel Halim Hafeez in a movie, and when he got the chance, he defied the circumstances of lung cancer and filmed his scenes in the movie “The Nightingale”, against doctors’ advice. He should stop filming.

Zaki passed away in March 2005 after completing 90% of her scenes in the film, and the work’s director, Sherif Arafa, enlisted the help of her son, the late artist Haitham Ahmad Zaki, to portray Nightingale’s youthful phase. Arafa chose to show Ahmed Jackie’s funeral at the end of the film’s events instead of the brown nightingale’s funeral based on Jackie’s wishes.

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