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Summary – Akram Hosni in “Sri Ink”: My new song with Mohammad Maun and my duet with Ahmed Fahmi will not end | News


Artist Akram Hosni spoke about his passion for the artist Samir Ghanem, his joy at working with Ahmed Fahmi and Baomi Fouad, and his new project with artist Mohamed Mounir.

Akram Hosni was a guest on the “My Cherry” show hosted by journalist Asma Ibrahim on the Al-Khahera Wal-Nass channel.

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Below we review the most important statements he made in the first part of the interview for Akram Hosni’s “My Secret” project.

– I wanted to work with the great artist Samir Khanem because he is an art school and he represents an important value and it is difficult for an artist to repeat what he has done.

– I like the series “Miso’s Story” written by Samir Khanem and I would like to present a similar work.

– My duet with Ahmed Fahmi will not end, until we find suitable characters who will join us, we have good harmony and would love to work with him, we have a fraternal relationship.

– I collaborated with Chico and Hisham Majeed on the play “Art Failure” and will recreate the experience if we find a suitable work that unites us.

I’m preparing to deliver a new song with artist Mohamed Mounir from my words and melodies, and there is no truth in the claim that he was angry at me for the song “Good Nation”, the satirical version of the song “Good Evening”. God’s plan.

– Muhammad Muneer spoke to me after the song was visualized, praised what I had done, and asked me not to notice any criticism I was hearing.

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Maunir asked me who wrote the songs for the show, and I told him I was writing it with one of the show’s writers, Mahmoud El-Meliki, who met us and asked us to give him a Nubian tune so we could write the lyrics. The right song for him.

– I was scared while writing the song, when I gave the words to Maunir, he did not like it, it caused me a frustration, I recently wrote and composed a song with Ahmed Waheed King, and Muhammad Maunir who heard it, was eager to record it.

– An artist can not dare to praise and ridicule, and after the episode of the controversial series “The Will” I contacted the captain of the singers Sheikh Mahmoud al-Dohami, we held a session in which he promised me. Seeing his understanding and chapter and seeing him in the role of singer at birth smiled.

– I hope to give a character beyond comedy.No actor wants to present one kind of works, but there are some stages before going for different types of roles.

– My children are my weakness, I cry if I feel neglected because I am busy at work.

– I was separated from my children due to work pressure, I do not consider myself a good father, but I always try to listen to them and am open to their ideas.

In raising my children, I use Oriental Side thinking and adhere to the stereotypes we grew up with, and live a struggle within myself to strike a balance between those ideas and the needs of the times.
– Bayoumi Fouad has a great presence, and “he did not say if it was ugly.”

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– The planning of the movie “Al Badla 2” with Tamar Hosni is in progress, but it was postponed due to our work, but we are always in touch to implement it.

– I like listening to rap songs and festivals, however I like the latter, especially the “Saleka” festival.

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