May 20, 2022

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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones charge faster than expected.

Switching to Google’s Android Apps helps iOS users

Google has finally overtaken Apple’s “Move to iOS” processor, which has reportedly launched “Switch to Android” for iOS in the App Store.

It is designed to help iPhone and iPad users import contacts, photos, calendars and video into their Android device.

It also shows users how to disable iMessage in favor of Android messaging and transfer photos and videos by connecting to iCloud.

Also Google has dropped the new app without much fuss on its Android switching website, the app is not yet specified and can only be found in the App Store through the direct link and the search results still show nothing.

These apps are a big improvement over the current system, requiring you to backup your photos, videos, calendar and contacts using the Google Drive iOS app.

It was first spotted last summer on code embedded in Google’s data transfer tool by 9to5Google, and also appeared in a newer version capable of importing iCloud videos and photos into Google Photos.

Apple came back with the equivalent in September 2015, so Google certainly took its time to respond, and works in the same way as iOS, allowing users to import photos, videos, messages, contacts, and more into the iOS device.

Samsung, an Android device manufacturer, has its own hardware migration app in addition to the Smart Switch, which allows you to switch from an iPhone or other Android device to a Galaxy smartphone.

However, it is only available on Google Play or its Galaxy Store and does not work on iOS.

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