March 27, 2023

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علامات في العين قد تساعد في الكشف عن مرض مميت مبكرا

Symptoms in the eye can help diagnose a deadly disease early

Doctors have found that even if there are no symptoms of the disease, eye examination can detect the symptoms of a dangerous brain tumor.

Research shows that this type of cancer is rarely preventable, with only 3% of preventable causes. Its early diagnosis is important to increase survival rates.

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Eye examinations can help diagnose the symptoms of cancer, although many do not see an eye doctor often.

A tumor inside the brain can cause many changes that can be seen in the eye.

This tumor can interfere with the normal circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which can cause high blood pressure in the eye.

High pressure puts pressure on the optic nerve or a nearby tumor can press directly on it and create a similar effect.

Brain tumor research has shown that brain cancer can cause symptoms in one or both eyes, such as enlarged eyes and discoloration of the optic nerve.

Andy Hepworth, Essilor’s optometrist, points out that these are not the only brain tumors that can be detected by regular eye examination. “There are many health problems that can be diagnosed by eye examination,” he explained.

He explained that various conditions and risk factors such as high cholesterol, leukemia, certain sexually transmitted diseases and vitamin deficiencies can be detected by eye examination.

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A common condition diagnosed on eye examinations is diabetes, in which high blood sugar damages the small blood vessels that supply the eyes.

The NHS recommends an eye exam every two years, especially if you have a family history of glaucoma or diabetes.

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Other symptoms of brain tumors can be found in other parts of the body or in changes in thinking and behavior, loss of balance and weakness can occur from time to time in the legs or face or all over the body, and worsen over time. .

Changes in the senses, such as loss of smell or constant ringing in the ears, can also be detected.

Some symptoms of brain tumors can be caused by easily treatable conditions.

Depending on the location of the tumor, the disease may cause a change in personality, and some studies have shown that brain tumor removal causes a dramatic change in behavior associated with changes in the brain.

Source: Express