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Take beautiful selfie with this trick


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Photography is very easy, but getting a satisfying photo is not easy, and some people’s photos will be so awesome and amazing.

In this article, we have selected some tips and guidelines for taking selfies from the internet, many of which can be really helpful.

1. Use good lighting:

The best way to capture high quality photos is to use natural light.
Artificial light is always bad, and phone flashes often make us age and create bad shadows.

So, when taking a picture, stand in front of the window and make sure the light source is in front of you and not behind your back.

You can get great pictures even on a cloudy day. If the day is too sunny, go somewhere in the shade.

In fact, experts recommend not taking pictures in direct sunlight, as this will create shadows that will randomize your facial features.

If you are indoors, access the window. If you are filming in the city at night, go near the shop facade in the light.

Sunrise or sunset is the best time to take a picture, when the light is too dim to hide skin imperfections.

Avoid photos of the house lit up from above.
Try to find extra light that can be adjusted in front of you.

2. Try this supermodel face trick:

Recently, Supermodel Pose has become a very popular online hack, which allows you to take almost perfect pictures.

In fact, the idea is simple: smile broadly and then raise your eyebrows.

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Now, raise your eyebrows and stop smiling.
That is the face of the super model.

You may wonder: “Can’t I raise my eyebrows?” In fact, we tried it and realized there was a difference.

When you raise your eyebrows, your facial features look amazing and nothing special.

The only difference is the smile that makes the eyes smile even when it is destroyed.

3. Open your mouth slightly.

To soothe the face and make its expression more enjoyable, all you have to do is spread your lips slightly and breathe through your mouth.

This pose will show your lips in full.

At the same time, it is better to abandon the old “duck face” pose and adopt the “yaw fish” pose as the new fashion in photography.

As early as 2015, there were celebrities who started taking selfies as they opened their mouths.

This facial expression is even more popular.

4. Pay attention to the corners of the lips:

The corners of the lips facing down add at least 10 years to your age. So, even if it requires more effort from you, it should always be elevated upwards. Don’t forget to smile with your eyes and look straight at the camera without looking anywhere on the screen.

5. Choose a good background:

There will always be a background in any photo we take, so it is good to make sure that your face is beautiful even if it is the focus of attention.

Keep in mind that any makeup or any decoration will lose its shine and beauty in the dirty room.

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On the other hand, find beautiful places and try to change the angle to make the background more interesting.

6. Find the good side and the right angle of your face.

You may have your favorite side of your face and the expression you like the most. If not, do some experiments:

Take lots of selfies from different angles and look in the mirror and find your good side.

Find the shooting angles and facial expressions you like.

Some like to tilt their head, others do not. It depends on your taste.

If you hold the camera towards you from above, you will look beautiful as the eyes are bigger and the chin and lips are smaller.

And if you take a selfie from below, the look will be mysterious as the lips are bigger and the eyes are smaller.

7. Use special cosmetics:

You can do makeup for a shiny selfie rather than everyday makeup.

For example, you can use techniques to sculpt the fringe and face without shadow, and enlarge the lip line with lipstick.

Thus, the face will appear active and attract attention. In real life, this makeup can look confusing, but the camera does not like colors and shadows exactly, so the face will look good.

8. Use accessories to create the look:

If you are tired of taking selfies, use accessories to keep your photos fresh and special. Sunglasses, trendy hats, jewelry, scarves and shawls will help you

Finally, try these steps the next time you take pictures.

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