May 28, 2023

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WHO: Monkey pox is not a global health emergency

WHO: Monkey pox is not a global health emergency

He said this was followed by a meeting of experts to assess the situation Tetros In a statement, “Currently, it is (an explosion) Monkey disease) Is a public health emergency of international concern, ”indicating the highest alert level that a public health organization can declare.

Monkey is a rare disease that spreads from animals to humans and vice versa. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, chills, fatigue, and chicken pox rash on the hands and face..

The disease is most prevalent in West and Central Africa, and cases have been reported in Europe since May, and the number of countries that have observed it has since increased..

Information has been reported Health system More than 3,200 monkey box cases have been reported in more than 50 countries, and one death this year.

After reviewing the experts’ report, Tetros said, “The emergency team has expressed serious concerns about the magnitude and speed of the current eruption,” citing a number of things that are still unknown in terms of eruption and data gaps..

He pointed out that there is a difference of opinion among experts.

And he said Tetros The report concludes that “the current situation does not create a public health emergency of international concern,” but stressed that “the group reflects growing concerns about the global outbreak of monkey flu.”“.

On June 14, Tetros announced that it had decided to hold an emergency committee meeting to assess whether the eruption was a health emergency of international concern..

Although its new eruption is secretly connected Homosexual parties In Europe, the monkey box is not believed to be a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread by skin blisters or saliva of an infected person, as well as bedding or contact with contact and joint use..

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The infected person remains infected until all the blisters have formed and new skin has formed.