March 29, 2023

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Tariq al-Aryan’s son returns to Egypt after fighting with Sherin Abu al-Sass in Lebanon

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Hala El Atal is the ex-wife of Egyptian director Tarek El-Ariyan

Hala al-Attal, the ex-wife of Egyptian director Tariq al-Aryan, has announced that her son Omar is returning from fractures in various parts of his body after a recent fight in Lebanon.

Al-Attal wrote on his personal account “Facebook”: “Praise be to God, God of the worlds, your generosity and mercy, a thousand compliments and thanks. I would like to thank my son for returning to Egypt for his cooperation and protection of my son. It is my interest in Omar to refuse to respond to the press and I can return now. ”

He continued: “My son is respected for his looks from his family, and he was brought up to treat all people with respect, especially the mirror. That is, my son and I and his wife have no limits.

She added: “Suddenly, a fight with ten men, unfortunately, I say a man, he was a man who protected his future wife, the women who were alone with them, they would fight with ten men, he would have been killed, my son’s right would have returned if he had not been hidden. God willing, I have faith in the Lebanese judiciary, and they have informed me to apologize and talk to Umar. ” Did.

Tariq al-Aryan's son returns to Egypt after fighting with Sherin Abu al-Sass in Lebanon

She continued, “It is forbidden. But I say, Praise God, for a man came out, and he was with me, and he was with Tariq, his fiance, and his family, his friends, and God willing, he was healed for good.” It’s the first word that comes out of my tongue after that nonsense. Harm to my son. “

Omar al-Aryan’s name was formerly a trend on social networking sites after a video spread during a fight with 10 young men caused by a woman who was with him during a fight in Lebanon and a young artist named Sherin Abu. Al-Is lives in Egypt and Lebanon.

Source: “Cairo 24” website