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Teens banned from UK cinemas due to #Gentleminions trend



Teens banned from UK cinemas due to #Gentleminions trend

LONDON – Several UK cinemas have banned teenagers from wearing Minion suits to screenings of The Rise of Crew due to rowdy behavior fueled by the TikTok trend.

# Teenagers following the Gentlemen’s trend have been accused of making noise and throwing objects during performances.

A One Place worker told the BBC he wanted to make sure the experience didn’t change from young children on their first trip to the cinema.

Some theaters said they wanted huge refunds.

Videos of young men in suits watching the movie in large groups and chanting loudly during the show went viral on TikTok, in some cases garnering millions of views.

The teenagers filmed themselves copying the fingers of regular movie villain Pelonius the puppy and celebrated “the five-year wait is over” – marking the time since the franchise’s last episode, Despicable Me 3.

Universal Pictures, your mom’s fashion studio, wrote on Twitter: “To all who show Minions in costumes: We see you and love you.”

But theaters were less well-received, with some complaining about the behavior of young fans attracted to Tik Tok.

Guernsey’s only cinema was forced to cancel further screenings of the film after it was accused of “gross behaviour”, including vandalism, throwing of objects and abuse of staff.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Mallard’s director Daniel Phillips-Smith. The families who didn’t show up, the families who left before the film started and the kids definitely cried when we tried to fix it.”

According to him, the cinema suffered a “huge” financial loss as all refunds were issued to customers whose movie viewing was disrupted.

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Cinema regulars in Wedbridge, Cornwall, issued a statement saying they would no longer allow “unaccompanied children in suits” to screen the film.

The box office told the BBC that the suit-clad young men were “cheering, clapping, clapping” and on their feet throughout the film.

“After a while we tried to talk to people on the road, but it didn’t really happen.

“So we should have decided to stop it and say thank you very much, but we didn’t do the whole Tiktok movement,” said one team member.

“Our first movie ride had people with kids, and we wanted to preserve that.”

Images on social media showed signs at several Odeon theaters warning customers: “Due to the recent unrest at the #GentleMinions trend, a group of uniformed guests will be refused entry to screenings of Minions: The Rise of Crew.”

But some cinephiles appreciated the behavior of #Gentlemans in their shows.

Stace Woods, a teaching assistant from Surrey, said on social media that the suit-clad group had “so much fun” and “well-behaved” as they watched the film, and they politely stopped to bow and bow to the giant puppy poster. Children can take photos with him.

A Mansfield parent told Chad that the ban on teenagers wearing suits extended to two boys in her 13-year-old son’s group, who wore only white T-shirts with white collars.

They reportedly delayed a pre-booked screening so parents could travel down with some jumpers.

“Due to a small number of incidents at our cinemas over the weekend, we have had to restrict access in some circumstances,” an Odeon spokesperson said.

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Cinema chain Vue said it would welcome all customers to see the “incredibly popular” film on its opening weekend.

The Minions film franchise, which began with Despicable Me in 2010, revives the supervillain Gru and his army of young yellow mercenaries, who quickly became the subject of endless online memes.

The latest film tells the story of Gru as an 11-year-old boy who struggles to land a career as a supervillain. – BBC

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Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Events Schedule” announces sports events and music concerts in October



Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Events Schedule” announces sports events and music concerts in October

DUBAI, 26th September / WAM / “Dubai Events Calendar” – the city’s official site for events – has announced a prestigious line-up of events, live music, cultural and sporting activities in various parts of Dubai. Next October.

The events witnessed by the Emirate of Dubai in October range from sporting events such as the “Dubai Fitness Challenge” to fascinating cultural events such as the “Festival.

The world-renowned musical “Matilda”, produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, will be presented at the Dubai Opera from October 3 to 12, and the Sufi rock musical will return to Southeast Asia, where Junoon will present its new live performance. Azadi Tour on October 6th stage at the Coca Cola Arena.

On October 12, American rap star Denzel Curry will perform a set of his most popular songs on stage, “Bla Bla Dubai”. American band KISS will perform their most popular songs at the Coca-Cola Arena on October 13 as part of their world tour, while Filipino pop band Ben&Ben will perform their live concert on October 14 at the Coca-Cola Arena.

The biggest house music festival across Dubai is set to take place over three days from October 13 to 15 at three different locations in the city.

Egyptian artist Amr Diab will perform his first concert on October 20 at the Coca-Cola Arena. Meanwhile, Egyptian artist Angham will perform a concert at the Dubai Opera on October 20.

International star Sean Paul is gearing up to perform at the Coca-Cola Arena on October 21. Meanwhile, Indian singer Neha Kakkar will return to Dubai to perform at Coca-Cola Arena on October 22, while international British rapper Dizzy Rascal will perform at Emirates Golf Club and South African comedian Trevor Noah will perform at Emirates Golf Club. Laughter filled the Coca-Cola arena on October 3.

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Art lovers can attend the first edition of the “Festival

Four talented magicians will perform “BEYOND” at The Agenda on October 28th and 29th.

The Trip Fest festival – one of the most important and largest music festivals – offers its fans a date on October 21 at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai, where many of the world’s most famous artists will perform musical works.

The Dubai Women’s Triathlon – the first competition dedicated solely to women in the Middle East – returns for its sixth edition, which is eagerly awaited by sports enthusiasts as it offers an opportunity to explore Dubai’s most famous attractions. The waters of the Arabian Gulf, then run through the “Dubai Water Canal” and cycle through the Jumeirah Beach Residences on October 22.

The public can participate in the “Dubai Harbor Night Run” races on October 25, where during the races they can enjoy spectacular views of “Palm Jumeirah”, “Dubai Marina”, “Jumeirah Beach Residence” and “Ain Dubai”.

The new edition of the “Dubai Fitness Challenge” – an annual event launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Governing Council – will be launched from October 28 to November 26. An open invitation to everyone to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity every day for 30 days.

The My Dubai City Half Marathon will take place on October 29, passing through some of the world’s most famous sites and areas that mark Downtown Dubai.

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Cinematographers: The Reality, Identity and Traditions of Winning Awards



Cinematographers: The Reality, Identity and Traditions of Winning Awards

Dubai: “The Gulf”
Gulf art directors and producers were recommended as key tools and pillars for this work, emphasizing the importance of the content of the artwork and its honesty in conveying the reality, customs, traditions and environment in which it is produced. Awards, including the Oscars, are now the best opportunity for Arab artworks. Nomination and access to this international award and other major awards from previous years.

Within the activities of the “Youth Media Forum”, “What does an Arab film need to reach the Oscars?” It came during the session.

The session was moderated by Emirati film producer Badina Qasim, founder of “Cinema Aqil”, the first local cinema in the Emirates and the Gulf region, which was attended by director and producer Abdullah Boushahri and Emirati director and producer Nahla Al-Fahd.

At the beginning of the session, Boudina Kasem asked about the possibilities of relying on international festivals to showcase the success of Arab films? While stressing the importance of the Oscars, he emphasized that there are other ways to determine the extent to which a film deserves awards and public interest, such as digital platforms and social media.

He also spoke about Arab film’s journey with the Oscars: “Many Arab films have applied and been nominated for the Oscars over the years, but none of them have won,” stressing that we need stories and narratives that reflect us. Reality, our experiences and our originality.

Abdullah Busheri said: Oscar is a dream for any director and producer, but in my opinion it is a station, not the final destination. A stop on the winning streak, simply being nominated or winning it is considered a quality leap in the artistic career of any director or producer, and before the Oscar race, content and filmmaking should be the main focus. The tools for success are so that the story or novel is honest and reveals the reality, the environment and the human environment. , and reflects his human suffering to reach the world.

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Emirati director and producer Nahla Al-Fahd touched on the tools that help an Arab film reach and succeed at the Oscars, the most important of which is exposure, and good publicity and media marketing for it both domestically and internationally. Her documentary, Hijab, won several awards and was shown extensively in the United States. , along with a huge media and advertising campaign there, and he added: An Arab film winning an Oscar is still far away, but it is difficult not impossible.

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Ten Commandments of 10 Major Film Stars… Strangest among them is Hussain Sedgi’s Will.



Ten Commandments of 10 Major Film Stars… Strangest among them is Hussain Sedgi’s Will.

By: Kamal Abdel Nasser

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Many artists had a will that he recommended before his death, which he directed his heirs to carry out. Our 10 Greatest Artists Have Ten Wills, including a strange one, which the comedy star suggested. Naguib al-Rihani 15 days before his death, he suggested his relatives and friends to put a picture of him as the famous “Kashkish Bey” character on his grave, as he explained that he did not taste success until he played this character..

Comedian, Saeed Saleh, before his death, suggested that his wife and daughter be buried in his hometown in Menofia Governorate. In fact, he was buried in Maheria village in Menofia. He requested the same bequest late. Artist Farouk El-Fishawi suggested that he be buried next to his father, mother and siblings in the family cemetery in Sars El-Lyan town in Menofia Governorate..

As for the strange wills, they were made by artist Saba, who asked that no one mourn her death and that those at her funeral should sing and dance. Her departure was not meant to be a happy day, but a sad one, as artist Ahmed Ramsi suggested before his death that she be buried at sea in one of the cemeteries on the north coast where she spent the last years of her life.

The artist Warda Al-Jaziria also suggested something unusual, as she asked the writer Mahmoud Marouf to dedicate herself to writing a series about her life story, and she stipulated that the singer Angam or Amal Maher should deliver it because she was so impressed by their voices. He suggested burial in his native Algeria. .

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A strange will was left by artist Amar Munib to his wife Iman al-Alfi, where he asked his sister Amina not to allow him to attend her funeral or console her until she repented to God. Amina Munib was involved in 4 fraud cases for seizing more than £20 million under the pretext of trading money she extorted from her victims in Dubai and Egypt to save her respectable family name..

One useful will that we hope all artists will do is the will of the late artist Sana Jamil, who suggested that her belongings, including tapes of her films, plays, serials and costumes, be placed in the Library of Alexandria. , which is exactly what her husband, the late great author Lewis Gries, actually practiced. .

Artist Laila Murad asked her family not to spread the news of her death before she was buried and suggested that she should pray at the Sayeda Naqisia Mosque and no strangers should pray. However, it is strange that Husein Sedgi, who starred in Laila Murad’s famous film “The Beach of Love”, advised the family to burn his pictures, according to the artist’s choice. Except for Saif al-Islam Khalid bin al-Walid,” said his wife, Fatima al-Maghribi.

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