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Tension before exam night drama and cinema .. Rites of Yahya al-Faqrani on university and working days | News


Artist Yahya Al-Faqrani revealed some of his rituals reminiscent of his university days, where he explained studying anatomy with pictures.

Lamis Jaber said in an interview with Esad Younis on the show “Saheb al-Sada” that he was amazed that Yahya al-Faqrani used to go to the cinema often that night while studying medicine.

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Yahya al-Fakhrani responded by explaining how he had studied at the university, saying, “I was studying in a different way. I was so disgusted with the corpses that I refused to touch the corpse orally. I chose surgery.”

He also confirmed getting good marks in medical studies

As for the way he prepares the characters he covers and remembers the scenes, he says he often gets nervous before the play is shown and he starts to feel comfortable after the first scene.

He continued that memorizing that character before bed helps to remember

According to Lamis Zafar, he realized the difference in his style during the preparation for the play “King Lear” and said he was rehearsing scenes at home.

Jaber said, “You can take anesthesia before the play. Until 2001, the character in the King Lear play was as tense as King Lear, ready for all of today’s scenes.”

And she continued, “When he wakes up in the morning he can tell you two sentences from the play and walk home like him.”

He also explained that he had loved to play the accordion since school days and had not thought about acting in school, but when he entered the university the drama group caught his attention and he attended one of their rehearsals and sat next to artist Mahmoud Yassin.

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It is noteworthy that Yahya Al-Faqrani participated in the “Jackie Zahi Sarkash” series with Anushka and Hala Faqir and other elite stars last Ramadan season.

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