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Testimony from parents about SISD Bilingual School in Dubai



If you want to allow your child to thrive in a multicultural environment, bilingual school is a great solution.

In bilingual school, your child develops in a caring environment, open to the world, which mixes cultures, languages ​​and nationalities.

This will pave the way for pursuing higher education abroad and international education and career.

We met Miriam with her two children at the “Swiss” school SISD Who tells you about his choice for this bilingual IP school in Dubai.

Hello Miriam, can you tell us a little bit about your family? First name, age of your children, how long did you live in Dubai?

Hello! We are Swiss and we have been with family in Dubai since October 2016. I mention “with family” because my husband and I lived in Dubai between 2004 and 2009. Also, our eldest daughter Nora was born in Dubai in 2008. At that time, the circle was over, we returned to Zurich, Switzerland, where our 3 year old son Leo was born in early 2011. My husband told me we wanted to return to Lausanne because he was French-speaking Switzerland and the company he worked for offered him a new position in Dubai.

We made up our minds very quickly as we knew what to expect when coming to Dubai with kids. We know they are going to grow up in an international, multilingual / multicultural and sunny environment.

Why did you choose Swiss School (SISD)?

Unlike many of my friends and acquaintances, we have never seen any other school (yet there is a huge selection in Dubai!). When SISD opened in 2015 very close friends told me that when we decided to go back to Dubai it was clear that our children would go to this school.

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I will not hide from you its importance to the “Swiss” aspect, as at that time the founder, director and person responsible for admission all knew that Swiss. It gave us hope. But we also wanted our children to continue to speak French fluently while studying English at 2Th Language.

The bilingual aspect clearly impressed us

Looking at the enthusiasm of our children (they are 5 and 7 years old) who discovered this school and visiting the campus, we know that we have made the right choice.

Your children are in the bilingual section, can you quickly explain to us how primary and secondary things are done? Are you satisfied with that?

I find the school to give a cleaner version of the bilingual, i.e. immersive total, because there is a real change of languages ​​from one week to another (grades 4 and 5) or a co-teaching model for younger students (from KG 1 to grade 3).

Secondary, computer modifications and languages ​​are distributed according to the subjects, some courses are in English and some in French (or German).

We are very satisfied because we wanted our children to be able to communicate, think and reflect in at least 2 languages, even if one language is important, it is natural.

They have the opportunity to learn 3 languages ​​by using them on a daily basis (because Arabic should not be forgotten), which is far from learning a language “with a book”.

In your opinion, what is the general state of education? SISD ?

Overall we are really satisfied. After these 5 years in SISD I realized how difficult it is to add teachers. We live in an international environment and this city has an impressive presence in all areas including education. If there is a problem during the year, it is almost impossible to change a teacher, which is complicated and incomparable with other parts of the world.

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What can you say about the Francophone community for SISD? Is it easy for a Francophone child to integrate into it?

If I take the example of our children, the beginning is complicated, they learn that they do not speak a word of English, they are very frustrated. But from day one, they received appropriate, motivating and motivating support. Someone who can help you always speaks their language. Also there are many special events throughout the year according to the countries featured. So for the French, it is the week of the Francophone, the chandelier and others.

But I would like to highlight the multiculturalism that exists in SISD, children develop above all in an international environment

The Francophone community sometimes has trouble understanding what IP is. How do you think you can explain it in a few words?

In fact, not all parents know about IP! We were with my husband. International Bachelorette is a less traditional subject than Swiss, French or English. It is concept based, so it teaches students to explore themes in all subjects rather than dealing with each subject in isolation. Academically, through various researches for different projects, it helps the students to become more confident, independent and critical.

I will give parents 2 tips:

– IP is different from other courses, so do not compare courses with each other

– Find out. SISD’s management teams help here, and workshops are regularly held to help parents understand how learning is done with IB.

If a relative who wants to settle in Dubai asks you to describe SISD In three words, which would you choose?

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For me, SISD is an ambitious, innovative and unique school.

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Kalban Bellhole: We work with 40 international companies and 800 professionals to anticipate the future



Kalban Bellhole: We work with 40 international companies and 800 professionals to anticipate the future

Khalfan Juma Belhole, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, announced that they have signed agreements with more than 40 international companies that focus on their future, and the goal now is to bring these conversations together and create an implementation framework for them.

He pointed out that the first edition of the Dubai Future Forum was a translation of the idea of ​​creating a meeting to discuss future challenges and we found that the result was positive as the discussion led to a better understanding of the future. In light of the importance of sharing the message. The first edition was the first step to bring together companies, at that time their number reached 4, and today we have reached 40 companies and 800 professionals, which strengthens the position of Dubai as the most suitable platform for this meeting.

He said the second edition of the Dubai Future Forum reflects the leadership message of the foundation’s establishment, which sees the Dubai Future Forum as one of the elements and programs that will advance this vision, which saw the participation of 400 future professionals last year. , this year saw the attendance of more than 2,500 participants and 800 professionals, enhancing the company’s position as a station for anticipating the future in Dubai and the Emirates, and more importantly, discussions, projects and how to deliver concrete space plans.

He emphasized that the goal now is to translate these discussions and studies as priorities align with the goals of COP28. Last week, in addition to other priorities such as artificial intelligence and the challenges of the space industry, he pointed out that the big message is that the world must come together to shape the future and tackle the challenges.

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The Permanent Committee on Human Rights is discussing improving cooperation with its counterpart in Bahrain



The Permanent Committee on Human Rights is discussing improving cooperation with its counterpart in Bahrain

T+ D- Normal size

The Secretariat of the Permanent Committee on Human Rights held a joint meeting with the National Human Rights Committee of the fraternal Kingdom of Bahrain in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

Views were exchanged to discuss aspects of cooperation and explore areas and opportunities for enhancing technical cooperation between the two groups in the field of human rights.

His Highness Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar met the Bahraini delegation at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Saeed Rashid Al Habsi, Director of the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and member of the Standing Committee on Human Rights, welcomed the Director General of Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Dr. Youssef Abdulkarim Boucheri, and opened the meeting between the two groups. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, he reviewed the fraternal and special historical relations between the two brotherly nations.

Bucheri, for his part, emphasized the strong and special historic brotherly partnership between the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

During the meeting, cooperation and exchange of information, experiences and best practices of the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism for Human Rights were discussed.

Both sides expressed their willingness to strengthen the framework of cooperation to contribute to the strengthening and promotion of efforts in the field of human rights.


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