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The Best Xbox Controllers for Cloud Gaming in 2023


The Best Xbox Controllers for Cloud Gaming in 2023

Gone are the days of being permanently connected to a TV, computer or any other computer to practice the hobby of electronic games. Cloud gaming has come true and is a great way to play your favorite titles and latest releases. Today, the Xbox Pass Store offers you the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, allowing you to access the entire Game Pass library anywhere.

Services and Settings

The “Xbox Cloud Gaming” service, formerly known as “Project X Cloud”, allows a subset of “Xbox Game Pass” games to be received via cloud streaming on a device separate from the systems for electronic games. Stadia” from Google and GeForce Now from Nvidia.

To use it, you need to subscribe to the “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” store for $ 15 per month or $ 160 per year (with four codes valid for a three-month subscription). The Xbox Cloud Gaming service requires a fast internet connection to ensure smooth streaming of games.

“Spine One”

Below we’ll show you the best controllers and accessories you can use with supported devices from Android, iOS, and multi-platform gaming systems. Of course, Xbox controllers are the main options, but there are many other impressive options.

Backbone One – Best remote control for iPhone.

The Backbone One is CNET’s favorite of the controllers designed for the iPhone because it simulates the true experience of the Nintendo Switch system, followed by the second generation of the upgraded Kishi V2 by Razer. Within the framework of the “Designed for Xbox” program, the tool introduced new features that make the user feel as if they are using an “Xbox” system or any independent device.

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Backbone One is compatible with Xbox and PlayStation Remote Play apps. (The device also comes in a white version for PlayStation.)

“Backbone One” includes a controller chip that uses a formula similar (not identical) to that adopted by “Microsoft” devices designed for the “Xbox” system, but its operating program is a key factor in its success and the ease of its upgrade. Get new features. This tool is compatible with iPhones running iOS 13 and later.


* Power Muga X. with me PowerA Moga XP-Ultra – The best multi-platform wireless controller.

This device is sold at a high price, but it is compatible not only with Android devices as a wireless controller, but also with Xbox Series X and S systems, Windows 10 and 11 and any laptop. But its advantage is that unlike the official Xbox controllers, it is equipped with a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery. In addition, the Power Muga features a unibody design with a wide detachable handle and a movable clip that allows the user to choose a full controller or a smaller version of it for smaller gaming. It should be noted that these changes give the player a better experience than using the full tool.

Power Muga XP Ultra

Includes Power Muga X. with me The Ultra has two advanced, customizable game buttons that Power-E says can perform any command to “make sure the player’s thumbs stay on the joysticks,” plus dual actuators and catalytic actuators.

Finally, CNET prefers this tool over Core, which Microsoft developed specifically for the Xbox system (but Sony’s PS5 tool is better).

Razer Kishi V2 for Xbox Android – Best integrated controller for Android devices.

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This Android device is very similar to the device designed for iOS devices, except that it connects via a USB-C port instead of a “Lightning” port (Bluetooth connectivity is not available), and includes a port that sends power while charging. is playing

Like the iPhone version, this gadget also comes with a Nintendo Switch design, equipped with two paddles that connect to either side of the screen. The gadget is wide enough to fit various Android smartphones, and it can be shrunk to give the user a compact design. The Kishi V2 is compatible with devices with a USB-C port in the middle and measures between 11.5 mm (thickness including camera) and 170 mm (length).

If you’re looking for a controller that wraps around your Android device, we promise that only Kishi and Kishi V2 will meet these specifications. The original “kitchy” instrument cost $70 (and sometimes less), but newer models (more expensive) give you a better feel and allow you to play longer with more comfort.

* “CNET”, “Tribune Media” services.

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