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The British Prime Minister reshuffles his cabinet


London – (AFP)

Several weeks after several rumors surfaced, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday reshuffled his government with the aim of forming a strong, co-ordinating body to deal with the post-Govt-19 epidemic, so he removed the foreign minister from his post and appointed him minister of justice.

After a year and a half of “Covit-19” crisis, which caused great damage to Britain, the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, which has come under much criticism, the Prime Minister is trying to find new impetus for his government to deliver supplies to the country at a time when Brexit is causing great disruption.

Among the senior ministers presented by the press in the cabinet reshuffle was Foreign Minister Dominic Robb, who was relieved of his post, and appointed Robb to the Ministry of Justice and now the Deputy Prime Minister; He accepted the government in the spring of 2020 when Johnson was hospitalized with Govt-19.

The 47-year-old liberal was criticized for his inaction on the Afghan crisis file; By the time Kabul fell into the hands of the “Taliban” in mid-August, he had not interrupted his vacation on the Greek island of Crete. Then he seemed to blame the military for some of the mistakes he made during the eviction.

Foreign Trade Secretary Liz Truss, 46, was appointed to this strategic post at a time when the UK was trying to strengthen its position in the international arena after Brexit.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson is leaving the government as expected due to his handling of school closures during isolation and the miserable failure of exam arrangements. The same goes for Justice Minister Robert Buckland and Housing Minister Robert Genrick.

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Instead, Britain’s young and famous finance minister, Rishi Sunak, 41, was fired, and Home Secretary Priti Patel was criticized for his inability to reduce the number of illegal immigrants from France.

Negative poll for conservatives

With the goal of uniting the entire country, Downing Street proposed cabinet reshuffle as a way to unite a strong, united team to rebuild after the epidemic.

The announcement came as the 57-year-old Conservative Prime Minister came to Downing Street in the summer of 2019 and won a landslide victory in the December 2019 Assembly elections with a promise to deliver Brexit.

In a recent poll conducted by Yukov, the Conservatives’ popularity fell by 33%, down 35% from the Labor Party for the first time earlier this year.

The government is paying the price for announcing an increase in social security contributions to support a public health system that has suffered a severe setback due to the epidemic.

In the post-World War II period, the government raised taxes to the highest level, despite conservative propaganda that we would not raise taxes.

At the health level, the government faced a critical situation after removing most of the restrictions imposed to control “Govit-19” in July, despite the eruption of the abnormal delta, which kept the number of infections high (about 30,000 injuries a day). The number of cases requiring hospitalization is increasing, although the rate is still slow due to the vaccine.

The return to school and the arrival of autumn, the group of seasonal viruses such as the accompanying cold, raise the worst fear in hospitals, with the risk of significantly worsening the situation in the UK. Worst death toll in Europe (over 134,000).

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The government’s plans announced on Tuesday in preparation for winter are mainly based on the booster vaccination campaign against coyotes, only when the situation significantly worsens to restrictions such as wearing masks, telephone and health permits in closed spaces.

At the economic level, despite the resumption of growth, Britain is facing the effects of Brexit, which is exacerbating the difficulties associated with the epidemic. Many sectors are suffering from labor shortages, especially in terms of drivers, causing disruptions in supply, and the inflation rate recorded a significant increase to its highest level since August 2012.

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