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What is the fate of football players’ shirts after matches?


Have you ever wondered what happens to the clothes that football players wear after a match? Is there a specific system to deal with it or not?

In fact, there is no fixed answer to this question because it mainly depends on the financial capacity of the clubs and the money that determines what happens to the shirts of football players after the matches are over.

Game EyeThe following lines illustrate the fate of football players’ shirts after matches.

What do rich clubs do in competitive shirts?

Clubs – or teams – with financial ability are usually facilitated by the presence of large funds, with 3 shirts per player and one shirt for each half, used in cases such as breakage or dirt. Contract with a specialized company to provide skills and sporting goods.

Players wear these shirts only once, after which the club collects and donates them, usually to charities that make a profit from them through auctions.

Clubs receive large sums of money in exchange for contracting out shirts to sportswear companies, which means the club does not receive full shirt sales, but rather contracts with a sportswear manufacturer. It receives a fixed amount and a percentage of the profit, while the company receives the remaining amount.

What do poor clubs do in competitive shirts?

Low-income clubs do not have the luxury of playing with a shirt once, so they rely on washing the shirts and playing with them more than once, and a shirt is often used 3 to 5 times.

T-shirts are collected after matches under the supervision of an employee and must be re-washed in a specific way so as not to change their color or quality.

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In 2015, Italian Pharma faced a severe financial crisis, after the sale of former team captain Alessandro Lucarelli, dressing room furniture and t-shirt washers, to ensure that players cleaned their own clothes.

Bad clubs can sometimes prevent players from exchanging shirts with opponents after a match, or pay for the shirt if it changes, this is what happened when former Spanish goalkeeper Victor Valdes was named in the Belgian Standard League rankings in 2016.

The rule of shirts after the end of the season

Clubs usually change their designs every season for business reasons, prompting new design fans to buy the shirt permanently, but on the other hand, players can no longer wear the same shirt after the season is over. .

Clubs tend to donate shirts to charities at the end of the season, some of which sell to fans at a discounted price for financial gain.

Poor clubs also tend to have these shirts on so players can wear them during training.

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