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The ‘Endless Dungeon’ trailer announces the start of the OpenDev era this month


Yesterday (June 12) on the PC Game Show, Sega Announce that players can finally get their hands on it Endless dungeonUpcoming rogue-light, tactical action, tower defense game.

Inside Endless dungeonThe soldiers are trapped in a mysterious deserted space station. While protecting a crystal from the endless waves of monsters, hiring a team of heroes to reach their center is key to success here. Endless dungeon Spiritual Heir of 2014 Endless dungeonBut the new 3D art style and the ability to directly control the heroes.

Watch the “First Run” OpenDev trailer here:

Eleven years ago, Sega Games 2 designed the OS to fill a missing link between Cather Dave teammates and players. As part of this philosophy, they recently introduced OpenDev, a series of targeted gameplay scenes that are a way to gather ideas from the community to design and directly influence the future of developing games.

If selected to participate in it Endless dungeon “First Run” OpenDev will test the main episode of the game on June 30 and give players access to valuable feedback. OpenDev is free to enter, but the number of players is limited.

Players can expect to explore the station in a single player, taking control of three unique heroes. The final game will have multiplayer skills of up to three players. In two deadly areas of the dungeon, you will encounter ten ready-made monsters with 13 weapons and four upgraded devices, and build ten different towers for extra firepower and support.

Seka said, “These are just some of the items that can be found throughout the game, and we look forward to showing you more when the time comes!” If you want to add the first motion in OpenDev Endless dungeonAnd this You can register nowBecause the game is coming soon Computer And this Keyboard.

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