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VISIOMED acquires Smart Sale, the only digital and regulated medical center in Dubai


(AOF) – Visiomet has signed a letter (LOI binding) to acquire Smart Salem, the first and only digital medical center accredited by the Dubai Ministry of Health (DHA) and the Directorate of Public Residence. Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the United Arab Emirates.

The letter offers to invest 16 16 million to hold 60% of Smart Salem’s capital, bringing the company’s value to 26.6 million.

To support the growth of Smart Sale, Visiomet plans to finance the acquisition with cash from its convertible bond financing tax and invest an additional 12 million in the form of a partner’s current account.

It is planned to pay the first fee of Rs 4 million following the completion of the acquisition in support of the opening of a new medical center.

The founders of Smart Salem will be shareholders of up to 40% and plan to invest $ 2 million in Wisdom through a bond subscription as part of the allotted capital increase.

Smart Salema will launch its first-generation medical testing center (presentation video) in February 2020 based on the most advanced technologies in large quantities and at the time of registration, through blood testing and radiological analysis of many diseases (HIV, especially hepatitis and tuberculosis).

This procedure, called “medical fitness”, is required by law to obtain a work or residence visa in the United Arab Emirates.

Smart Salem is able to diagnose almost 35 diseases in 7 minutes per patient in order to get a residence visa in 30 minutes, thanks to the total digitalization of the patient’s journey, the process of centers of historical selection here is 10 to 15 days in the UAE.

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By 2021, Smart Salem is aiming for revenue of over பரிசோதனை 13 million and a net profit of over 7 7 million, due to the upgrade of its first clinical testing center, with a net profit of over 50%.

As part of its development plan, Smart Salem is targeting a turnover of 16 16 million and a net income of மில்லியன் 9 million by 2022, thanks to the opening of the second center.

The opening of the third hub could increase turnover to 20 20 million with a net profit of மில்லியன் 12 million by 2023 before it continues to be used in the rest of the UAE.

With this transaction Visiomet reaffirms its ambition to accelerate its growth through strategic external development activities.

Thanks to this acquisition, Visiomet will be able to accelerate the digital transformation of exam centers in France and Europe by transforming the knowledge, skills and technologies demonstrated by Smart Sale.

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