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Dylan Thierry is with him in Dubai for a week, coming forward to spend 500 2,500


A special week that Dylan Thierry offers his fans: a sports week with his coach, 500 2,500. We tell you everything.

This is news that can still make people talk. Dylan Tri He presented a project to many of his fans. The young man proposes A week in Dubai, 500 2,500. But what is included in this price this week?

Dylan Trist Instagram

An intense week under the sign of the game

A week, directed by Dylan’s sports coach Mouse, the latter offers his fans. Thus, the selected person can benefit from different sports courses. , 500 to 2,500, all included.

So, as Dylan Theory points out, “You didn’t open your wallet. “

Travel, food, accommodation and activities are included for 2,500 / person, which will be paid directly to the sports coach in charge of all arrangements for this week.

Those who can benefit from this shelter can too Rub shoulders with Mr. Dylan, Lila Taleb or Ahmed Take photos and videos with them.

It will be crazy, and you will depart with a physique you have developed.

Controversial candidate

A month ago, Dylan Thierry talked a lot about him because his humanitarian activities were isolated by Mound. In fact, the latter accused Dylan Thierry of making money on the backs of his subscribers.

A war started between two people on Instagram, but Mandir never wanted to talk directly to that young man.

Who did everything to prove his good faith, Then they had to leave the African continent to find France.

I reluctantly decided to return to Europe because the situation was so complicated for me. Complaints, threats, arrests, this is a lot for a man, especially since all of this is just injustice. I wanted to return to the European region before anything could happen to me there, my life was in danger.

Then he announced.

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We wonder if Mountir will respond to the $ 2,500 in Dubai this week.

What do you think?

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