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The International Foundation for Human Development has launched a training program on meta viruses in Dubai


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The International Organization for Human Development (HNI) has announced the launch of a unique, interactive training course aimed at helping companies understand the benefits and opportunities of metawares. The new project will build local knowledge and experience on the technology site, which is expected to be the next largest as experts expect its potential to grow into a market opportunity of around $ 800 billion.

Metavirus technology is expected to have an impact on various business sectors, and the program will provide practitioners with embedded topics such as the importance of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the Web 3.0 revolution. The curriculum will also look at the psychological impact of metawares and predict how it will develop in the future.

This new cycle has come at a time when the UAE government is looking forward to providing its services to a new era of digital reality and human-computer communication. Hanan Naji, CEO of the International Trust for Human Development, commented: “The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention launched the world’s first virtual center for the delight of marketers of meta viruses, an example of leadership in the United Arab Emirates. To be is to help develop the knowledge and understanding of this field in order to build the capabilities of the skills that support this region.

In addition to the Metaverse course, IHD also introduces a customizable information technology program that aims to develop coaches’ knowledge and understanding of business trends for the next generation. It integrates theoretical lessons in emerging technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and talks about the use of automation, big data and enterprise platforms.

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Commenting on the motivation behind the new projects, Hanan said: “These technologies are changing our society, not only in the way we work, but also in the way we interact in our daily lives. We have been incorporating virtual and augmented reality tools into our custom training methods at IDA for some time, and see how they can enhance the learning experience.

“We know that this positive impact can be achieved across a wide range of industries, and we will help and accelerate the advancement of technologies through these courses, as they will be critical to the future success of most businesses.”

The new projects will reflect IDA’s long-term approach to educational consulting, providing digital, virtual and face-to-face training solutions tailored to each client’s needs.


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