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The land of the Arabs on Mars .. In ancient times there was water | Science


We have been studying Mars for decades, and at this point we have a great data backlink, and we have begun to study it to a degree comparable to Earth reading methods.

Scientists at the University of Northern Arizona and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland have discovered that during their research, scientists were able to better understand the ancient environment on Mars and find the right climatic conditions for life on the red planet. It is for a short time on Mars, the land of the Arabs.

This area is located in the northern latitudes of Mars and has a maximum area of ​​approximately 4,500 square kilometers. Their courses Published in the journal Geography.

The Arabian Territory of Mars is located at the northern latitudes of Mars (Wikipedia)

Land of the Arabs on Mars

According to Published by the University of Northern Arizona, the Italian astronomer Giovanni Ciabarelli named Mars “Arabia Terra” in 1879, a Latin phrase meaning “land of the Arabs or Arab land”.

This area is characterized by whiteness, i.e. the presence of white spots from light to dark and similar to the natural features of the Arabian Peninsula, which include craters and volcanic lakes, some of which are called plateaus. A steep rock.

The terrain of this area consists of valleys and rocky outcrops that resemble layers of colored desert sedimentary rocks or bedlands. According to information from previous studies, this landscape protects the raw materials beneath it from erosion.

The mountains and piles that form on the surface of the region have accumulated layers, and it is believed that the formation of these layers is caused by volcanic eruptions, air or groundwater deposits.

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Sediments were found to be less compact, indicating that they contained water for some time (Wikimedia Commons)Sediments were found to be less compact, indicating that they contained water for some time (Wikimedia Commons)

Arabian rocks land on Mars

The study focused on the layers of rocks in the Arabian Peninsula on Mars and how NASA’s weak record for changing water on Mars’ Mars data analysis program.

“We were particularly interested in the use of rocks on Mars to better understand the conditions of the past 3 to 4 billion years ago and whether there are suitable climatic conditions for life on Mars,” said Ari Koppel, a research associate professor at the University of Northern Arizona.

To better understand what happened to the formation of rock layers, scientists focused on thermal stability, which determines the ability of a material to change its temperature because sand with small and loose particles quickly gains and loses. The solid rock stays warm for a long time after the heat and darkness.

By looking at the surface temperature, the researchers were able to determine the physical properties of the rocks in the study area, which helped them to determine if the material was loose and eroded when it appeared solid.

On the other hand, Christopher Edwards, an assistant professor in the Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science at the University of Northern Arizona, said, “No one has conducted an in-depth investigation into the thermal stability of these interesting deposits. Tuesday.”

Researchers explore rocks to learn about the past conditions of Mars (Wikipedia)Researchers explore rocks to learn about the past conditions of Mars (Wikipedia)

Complete research and analysis results

To conclude this study and study the thermal stability of the deposits, the scientific team used remote sensing instruments on satellites.

In this regard, Gopal said that geologists have seen rocks in an attempt to identify the past environment of Mars as it is on Earth, and that they relied heavily on satellite data because there are few satellites orbiting Mars. Group of instruments, and each instrument plays its own role in helping scientists describe rocks on the surface.

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The university report states that the research and analysis process was carried out using this data collected remotely, as researchers looked at thermal stability, in addition to evidence of corrosion, perforation level, and what minerals are present.

“We found that all of these sediments are much less solid than previously thought, and that there is only water on Mars’ surface for a short time, but this gives us hope that Mars has a chance to survive,” Koppel said.

382827 01: This photo, released by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on December 4, 2000, shows potential evidence for the presence of massive sedimentary deposits in the crater of the Western Arabian Terra.  Image taken by a Mars Orbiter camera aboard the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, enhanced by dark sand.  The photo reveals that the Red Planet was once a land of lakes and water, reinforcing the theory that billions of years ago it had the conditions necessary for the evolution of life.  (Photo by NASA / Newsmakers)According to previous reports, the land of the Arabs on Mars has a unique landscape and features (Getty Images)

This excites us and raises some exciting questions, including: What are the conditions that allow water to exist for a short period of time? Could there be glaciers that melt quickly due to massive flooding? Can an underground water system leave the ground for a while and sink again?

“We’ve been studying Mars for decades, and at this point we have a lot of data, we’re starting to study it at levels comparable to Earth reading methods, and it’s really a wonderful time. Mars science,” Koppel concludes.

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