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The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

This is a burn-out review for The Matrix Resurrections, which hits theaters today and on HBO Max today, December 22nd.

The deniers of nostalgia are often the ones who are most critical of remakes, reboots or long-running sequels. They see them as a fundraising or cheap attempt to exploit decades-old Hamas. Such statements can be easily refuted, but unfortunately, fans who were skeptical about a new Matrix movie proved it right when it came to The Matrix renaissance.

Of course there are good parts in the film. The return of Keanu Reeves and Gary-on-Moss as new and trinity is a dream come true and the new cast is a great addition to the cast. Jonathan Graf draws attention to every scene in which he appears as Smith, and Jessica Henwick’s errors may be the best thing about the resurrection. And the weird version of Morpheus pictured here would not have worked if it had been performed by someone other than Yahya Abd al-Mateen II in those electronic costumes.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that The Matrix Resurrections has almost entirely good ideas. The problem is, this is not a good movie. It is a collection of individually good ideas stacked one on top of the other in a chaotic manner. Talent fits in with almost every turn with ridiculously bad performance.

Let’s take the self-consciousness of the story as an example here. She seems to agree with those nostalgic business deniers mentioned above, and she wants you to know that, since the Matrix revolutions told you straight away that rebooting in an unpleasant clip is absurd. The visual intended to show the self-consciousness of the film has the opposite effect. He is trying to prove that he is not like other serials and that he is the next great serial.

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But this is not a big next part.

This attempt to demonstrate the film’s deep self-awareness seems to come at the expense of the fight scenes, and the series is known to this day. We know that Reeves is still fighting aptly thanks to John Wick’s owner’s excellent fight design, and all the new cast in Recursions have proven to have excellent fighting skills on screen. Why is The Matrix not the most popular DNA element in the film? Existing battle scenes can be short and full of confusing effects or replaced by confusing battle designs.

The original cost $ 63 million, while the second and third films cost $ 150 million. In view of this, it is hard to imagine that much money would have been spent on the resurrection. We wonder why the final scenes of The Matrix Renaissance look like that, especially compared to the visually impressive original film that came out 20 years ago. Not only does the film have some awkward animation and effects, there is a warehouse moment to be the neo speaker, but it’s Smith’s mouth that moves in the background when the neo camera is turned on its back. Movies like this go through groups of people before they even hit our screens, so it’s pretty surprising that the stark one has come to the final version.

The immortal love story of Neo and Trinity and the film’s truly successful storyline are the only ones that expand the film into the whole universe of the series. Although Neo may at first be hard to believe, the future in which both men sacrificed themselves in the revolution clearly deserves to be fought. The Trinity has a chance to finally shine, but the renaissances make it incredibly difficult to celebrate just how terrifying and how long it took to achieve what should have been the moment of celebration.

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And long talk, movies are great! But its length is reasonable, of course. But The Matrix Resurrections is not like that. Too many flashbacks and excessive self-awareness scenes take up most of the two-and-a-half hour movie. For fans who worry that they will not have time to revisit the previous series before heading to the theater, do not worry: the movie will show you everything you need to remember. Then it will show you the things you definitely remember. Then it will show the same thing again in a cycle! Director Lana Washkovsky may have wanted to feel stuck in The Matrix, but it was mostly boring.

Matrix Resurrections will go down in history among fans because it’s so bad. I can’t even say this for fun, because we watched it for a long time laughing at how amazing it was. No matter how severe it is, people who expect nostalgia will get exactly what they are looking for. It will be so exciting to see New and Trinity again, and new actors making great new additions to the complex universe. But at the same time, many good ideas (and visual effects) are so poorly implemented that it is worse than its individual parts as a whole.