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The temperature in Egypt today is Thursday 23/12/2021


Expect the body Meteorology Wind to witness Weather today On Thursday, temperatures continued to drop, with cold weather prevailing in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt during the day, cold on the northern coasts and in northern Upper Egypt, warming in the southern Sinai and southern upper Egypt, and at night freezing in all parts of central Sinai.

Early morning fog is expected in parts of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern beaches, canal cities, central Sinai and some roads leading to and from northern Upper Egypt today, the Meteorological Agency said. Moderate rainfall over the northern coast and northern delta areas and intermittent wind activity in the southern Sinai during the intervening period.

Today, Jupiter’s temperatures range from: Great Cairo 17 degrees and 10 degrees, Greater Alexandria 17 and smaller 10 degrees, Large Matroh 16 degrees and lower 10 degrees, Greater Sohag 19 degrees and lower 09 degrees, Big Kana 20 degrees and smaller 09 degrees, And large aswan 22 degrees with a minimum of 10 degrees

The report on temperature in cities and capitals in the governorates of the Republic is as follows:

Temperatures in Cairo Minor 10 and Great 17

Temperatures at Shepin L-Com Minor 10 and Great 17

Temperatures at Tanda Minor 10 and Great 17

Tamanhur has a minimum temperature of 10 and a maximum of 17 degrees Celsius

The minimum temperature in Alexandria is 10 and the maximum is 17

Temperature at Baltim Minor 11, maximum 17

Temperatures at Matrouh Minor 10 and max 16

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The minimum temperature in Salum is 11 and the maximum is 16.

Temperatures at Siva Minor 05 and Great 16

The temperature of the port is said to be Minor 10, maximum 18

Temperatures at Damietta Minor 11 and Great 18

Temperatures at Zagazig Minor 10 and Great 17

Temperatures in Ismailia Minor 10 and Great 17

The minimum temperature in Suez is 10 and the maximum is 17

The minimum temperature in L-Arish is 11 and the maximum is 17

The minimum temperature in Rafah is 11 and the maximum is 17

Temperatures in Ross Cider Minor 12 and Great 17

Temperature at Naql al-Chokra 07, Great 16

Temperatures in Nuvaiba Minor 14 and Great 19

Temperatures in Taba Minor 10 and Great 18

Temperatures at Catherine The Minor 00 and Great 11

Temperature at minimum phase 13 and maximum at 19

Temperatures at Sharm L-Shake Minor 14 and Great 22

The minimum temperature in Hurghada is 14 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 22 degrees Celsius

Temperatures at Marsa Alam Minor 14 and Great 21

The minimum temperature in Fayoum is 08 and the maximum temperature is 17

Temperatures at Beni Souf Minor 08 and Great 17

Temperatures in Minya, Minya, Minya 08 and max 17

Temperature at Azute Minor 08 and Grade 17

Temperatures at Sohag Minor 09 and Great 19

Temperature at Qena Minor 09 and Max 20

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The minimum temperature in Luxor is 09 and the maximum temperature is 21

Temperatures at Aswan Minor 10 and Great 22

Temperatures at Abu Simbel Minor 10 and Great 20

Temperatures at New Valley Minor 09 and Great 19

Temperatures at Shaladine Minor 15 and Grade 26

Temperatures in Abu Ramat Minor 15 and Great 25

Temperatures at HaloEb Minor 16 and Great 23

Temperatures in Ross Hatraba Minor 16 and Great 24

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