March 31, 2023

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“The National” discusses mental health in the Emirates next Tuesday

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The ninth meeting of the Third Regular Session of the 17th Legislative Assembly, chaired by Hon’ble Chakr Gopash, will be held on Tuesday evening, April 19, at the Council Headquarters, Saeed Hall. In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 6 questions will be asked to government representatives.

In this session, the Council will discuss the report of the Committee on Health and Environmental Affairs prepared on the topic of the policy of the Ministry of Health and Social Security on the promotion of mental health in the country: the policy of the Ministry and its strategic plans in formulating policies and laws on health and social security and mental health.

According to the agenda of the session, Council members will ask 6 questions to His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Social Security and Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs. Hind Humaid al-Alili’s second on the treatment, awareness and prevention of diabetes and the provision of insulin pumps.

Sabreen Hassan al-Yamahi’s third on the non-operation of a health center in the al-Aqamiya area of ​​Tibba al-Fujairah, fourth from Muhammad Issa on prices of medicines for chronic diseases in commercial pharmacies, and Nasser Muhammad al-fifth. Yamahi spoke about the establishment of a health center in the city of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed in Fujairah and Dr. Sheikh Obaid Al Tunaiji’s sixth on measures to reduce smoking in the country.

Two messages

Two letters to the government requesting approval to discuss Emirates Development Bank’s policy and the recommendations of the Federal National Council on the issue of the Ministry of Justice’s policy on family guidance have been explained to the Council. The report of the Committee on Education, Culture, Youth, Media and Sports on the recommendations of the Council on the Policy Issues of the Ministry of Culture and Youth is also explained to the Council.

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