June 6, 2023

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The National Theater discusses the inspiration of folklore in contemporary theater

The National Theater discusses the inspiration of folklore in contemporary theater

The National Festival of Egyptian Theater continues to host the Symposium in its 14th session, led by talented artist Youssef Ismail.

Dr. Samia Habib and critic Ahmed Kamis discussed the new symposium entitled “Folk Tales Encouraging Contemporary Drama Between Recognition and Renewal”. Session entitled “Egyptian Drama Teacher” led by Almighty Artist Yusuf Ismail.

Dr. Samia Habib, the beginning, told us about the elements of folklore and how to find them, and dealt with it through two texts: A Journey Out of the Wall by Dr. Rashad Rushdie and The Harvest Text of the Night by Mahmoud Diab on how to deal with folk elements within those texts.

The doctor added. Samia Habib, Arabic expression arts have a variety of tracking methods based on their interaction with the simple audience in their meeting places, and many have stood in front of these forms to place many question marks, and the idea of ​​the writer being put forward is a unique development that combines al-Fiqi’s talent and the lightness of al-Aragos’ shadow Is the technique. And his stereotypical caricature dimension.

I also talked about the benefits of the writer from the storytelling technique in showing the long time in a short period of time. This is a dramatic system of skits time.

He noted that there are differences between the past and the present tense, and that the two types of representation, considered by the first characters, are reincarnated. They are occupied because they are simultaneously a political, social and cultural arena.

He concludes that the audience is a strong party in the theatrical process, he observes his habits, traditions, beliefs and daily concerns.

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During the session, reviewer Ahmed Kamis stressed that the two main axes he worked on were theoretical print and practical application print. They were published in 1974, and the articles were titled “Towards an Egyptian Theater.” “Towards an Arab Theater” and how we will have an Egyptian theater, and how to express our own theater in the Arab world has become a dream, the theater that reveals us.

Kamis said it differs from the best writer Tawfiq al-Hakim, in his famous book “Our Theater Template”, in which he says that the narrator or celebrity can carry all local, Arabic or foreign texts. All of these tissues provide.

Then the critic Ahmed Kamis went on to another experience, which is the experience of d. Ali al-Roy, in his collection of advanced comic books, is very important and covers all the theoretical axis described.

Kamis continued his talk about another axis, which is the practical axis, where he told how to draw inspiration from the legends of Isis and Osiris in contemporary theater, the most important examples being the best writer Bahij Ismail and his play “Youssef’s Dream”, the best writer Najib Zour and his His first plays with the play “Menin Akib Nass”, his masterpiece “Yasin and Bahia” are in the direction of folklore inspiration.

He also talked about the importance of rooting and renewal, and has an important idea started by Bahij Ismail, which is the idea of ​​Six ISIS. According to Najib Soror, he handled the story of Hassan and Naima to present a folk tale, the myth of Isis and Osiris, and how he presented it by writing colloquial poetry, and how he managed to draw the audience to Yusuf Idris’ play. Tradition.

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Critic Ahmed Kamis also handled the book “Our Theater Template” by Tawfiq Al-Hakim, and he also spoke about the Al-Samar Theater, a book by Dr. Ali Al-Roy and a review of the improved humor.