March 30, 2023

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The new “GPT-4” project is revolutionizing the world of artificial intelligence

Inc revealed OpenAI Finally released the latest version of Artificial Intelligence Models “GPT-4”A conversational and linguistic content-generating bot is said to have been in development for the past year with fierce confidence..

A long-awaited tool that can describe images with words is the latest surprise from the San Francisco-based company. Tech newspapers and websites hailed it as a giant leap in the power of artificial intelligence, with some warning that it could create another major shift in ethical standards as it touches all aspects of life..

In an official broadcast that lasted about 24 minutes, on Tuesday, the company discussed the most important features of the chatbot. “GPT-4”“GBT Chat” has provided more than one example of how superior the new model is to the previous program.(ChatGPT).

With the ability to respond to image analysis in addition to text, it will “GPT-4” Like a new friend who can accompany you through all the details of life, no matter how easy or difficult it is, from work to solving personal problems..

“GPT-4” It is a multimedia language program, meaning it can respond to both text and images, and is powered by artificial intelligence..

The company confirmed the designer OpenAI In this new version you can diagnose patients, write programs, play chess, read articles by authors and much more..

For example, if you give him a picture of the items in your fridge and ask him what you can do, he will try. “GPT-4” Make recipes using the ingredients pictured, according to the MIT Technology Review website.

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On the other hand, he can “GPT-4” Explaining jokes, “If you show him a picture rememberHe can tell you why it’s funny..

In theory, a combination of text and images could be allowed“GPT-4” To better understand the world.

According to Technology Review, it can address traditional weaknesses in language models such as spatial reasoning.