March 20, 2023

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The reason why Mahmoud El-Meliji is angry with Mohamed Sophie in his play "Lesson Learned, Stupid" .. Video

The reason why Mahmoud El-Meliji is angry with Mohamed Sophie in his play “Lesson Learned, Stupid” .. Video

Thanks for reading the news about Mahmoud El-Meliji’s anger at Mohammed Sophie in his play “Lesson Learned, Stupid” .. with a video and now the details of the news

During his hosting in Cairo – Samia Saeed – Gulf 365, artist Mohammed Sophie described a situation he encountered with Mahmoud El-Meliki, the best artist who participated in the play “Lesson Learned, Stupid”. Said: We learned, we lived in a better generation than ourselves, this is the generation of pioneers, from whom we did not learn art, but only with dedication. When Mahmoud L-Meliji came up with his best star Tawfiq L-Dakun and in his status, they presented a play with an actor at the time, I was unaware, agreed to be a complete hero with them, help me, which is a huge support for a great artist to an actor. Beginnings.

He added: “I remember a week after the show, artist Mahmoud El-Meliki came to me and said,” He yelled at me. ” Keep yourself a star when I stand next to you on stage, he asked me: Why are you scared? Say alvihat, do not be afraid.

And he pointed out: In Tunisia, I did not forget to greet the audience at the end of the show, he was the one who introduced me to the audience. At that time, I got more applause in my life. Because at the Municipal Theater in Tunisia Mahmoud El Meliji, El Meliji said to me: You were born here and became a star.

Jordanian Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar, during the centenary celebrations of the Kingdom of Jordan, honored Mohammed Sophie, the great star, for his outstanding contribution to the arts and national work at Al-Ahlia Amman University. I was born here and plundered Palestine at that time and lived my life with artistry relying on this cause.

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Mohammed Sophie added: Jordan has consistent policies, and I will always say that I am an Arab and a nationalist, despite the accusations that we are corrupting Arabs and nationalists in our time, this celebration, I say. He who does not know his past will not live in his present, will not build the future, which means we know about 100 years of homeland.