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The receding waters of Sidi Ifni Beach are a natural phenomenon associated with tides



The receding waters of Sidi Ifni Beach are a natural phenomenon associated with tides

Several experts confirmed that the water fall of the Mediterranean Sea and many water bodies is a normal natural phenomenon associated with the movement of waves, analysis and rumors after posts on social media described it as “mysterious”. Earthquakes have continued to hit the Middle East in recent weeks.

Circulating publications included images of beaches receding from the water; Among them is the beach of the town of Sidi Ifni in southern Morocco, which has seen receding seawater expose large areas of its sand, making an old “teleferic facility” appear entirely.

Other publications spoke of falling seawater in Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine, falling sea levels off Italian coasts and the drying up of rivers in Venice, calling it a “strange phenomenon” and warning that “something is about to happen”. ,” and some said it was a sign of a tsunami.

Social media has been awash with these accusations following the earthquakes and tremors that have struck several countries in the Middle East since last February sixth, triggering panic and claiming tens of thousands of lives in Turkey and Syria. But the recent receding of the sea on some beaches is a familiar natural phenomenon, caused by a number of factors that experts explain.

natural phenomenon

Waves occur when water levels rise in oceans and coastlines. When the water level on beaches recedes and recedes, so-called tides or low tides occur.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, Hossein Yabet, head of communications at the General Directorate of Meteorology in Morocco, said that tides are a natural phenomenon that “occurs as a result of the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun, which affect the waters of the seas and oceans.

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“The Moon’s gravitational pull is greater because of its proximity to Earth,” Yabet added. If the Sun, Moon and Earth are in the same straight line, this leads to large tidal events, including spring tides.

In addition, other factors affect the movement of waves; Atmospheric pressure, water depth and beach shape etc.

Al-Hussein Youabed emphasized that the water level dropping in some coastal areas, including Sidi Ifni’s coastal areas, is natural and “is not a strange or exceptional phenomenon”.

He said, “For the town of Sidi Ifni, it is not the first or the last time that the sea level will reach a low level, with waves occurring twice a day like other Moroccan beaches.”

And the Mediterranean?

Al-Hussein Yabet attributes the low tide level recorded in the Mediterranean in the second week of February 2023 to the phenomenon of an astronomical tide, and attributes it to “the effect of atmospheric pressure that saw a 1035 HPA rise”. .”

This pressure prevailed over much of the Mediterranean region. This has led to a drop in sea level of about 22 centimeters, according to experts.

Alves Papa, head of the tidal control center in Venice, told AFP that the tides that caused Venice’s rivers to dry up were “absolutely normal”.

“About 70 percent of reflux occurs during this period, from January to February to be precise,” he added.

“Things will get back to normal,” Elvis assures Papa.

This was supported by Claire Frabol, Head of Tides and Winds at the Ocean and Marine Water Department in France.

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Faraboul said in a statement to the French press that the drop in water in the Mediterranean Sea was temporary.

“This is a seasonal phenomenon of water mass shrinkage linked to lower temperatures in winter,” he said. As a result, the sea level is decreasing,” he said.

He added that this year’s natural contraction was accompanied by the formation of a “strong anti-cyclone”.

An anticyclone is a region where the pressure in the atmosphere is greater than that around it; This usually leads to dry and hot weather.

However, as Claire Frabol emphasizes, this phenomenon is not worrisome; “Events in this situation are not dangerous and we are working to get back to normal.”

Is there a tsunami risk?

According to the National Tsunami Warning Center (CENALT), “A tsunami is caused by an underwater earthquake of at least magnitude 6.5. Starting at 8 degrees, the resulting waves can be devastating.

In most cases, “the first wave of a tsunami is preceded by a rapid drop in sea level.”

In this case, Sylvie Pinsoni-Gavage, an applied mathematician, asserted that “if there was a possibility of a tsunami after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, it would have happened long ago”, i.e. immediately after the earthquake. .

Anne Replomaz, a professor of geography at Joseph Fourier University in France, settles the controversy by saying, “In the case of the February earthquake, the seismic fault was on land, not in the ocean. Hence, the possibility of a catastrophic tsunami was very low.

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Anat Login 1445 Link to Saudi Health Service site



Anat Login 1445 Link to Saudi Health Service site

What are the steps to login? What is the link to the Saudi Health Service site? As Anah platform is considered as one of the most important and important health platform in Saudi Arabia, it provides many health needs and provides many electronic health services to health practitioners, so let’s review the steps to login through the following. Ana stage.

Link to Saudi Health Service site

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The Anat platform, or the so-called “Saudi Health Service Platform”, provides a wide range of health services to individuals in the Kingdom across all regions of Saudi Arabia.

This site operates in accordance with the instructions and guidelines of the Saudi Ministry of Health and if you wish to register on the site to receive the health services of the Ministry without visiting the actual sites and headquarters affiliated with the Ministry, you will have time. And try, here you are. Link to Saudi Health Service Platform “Anat Platform”..

Steps to login

If you want to complete the registration process within Anat platform “Saudi Health Service Platform”, Saudi Ministry of Health has allowed you to complete the registration process in very few steps and you will complete the registration process in few minutes. Steps to register on the platform now:

  • to login Anat Health Site.
  • Login to Anat platform and write “username, password”.

  • Enter your National Identification Number.
  • Then activate your account with your email.

Saudi Ministry of Health Contact No

If you have any inquiries or questions regarding the “Anana” service or other services included in the Saudi Ministry of Health, or if you wish to submit an objection or complaint, you can easily do so by contacting the number. 937 (Ministry’s speedy and toll-free number).

At the end of our article, we learned We reviewed the steps to log into the Anat platform, including the link to the Saudi Health Service site. According to the future vision of the kingdom, it wants to develop all its individuals, centers and official institutions as a whole. With the pace of technological and electronic development in the country around the world, provide a stable and secure life to every male and female citizen.

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Are nuts better for breakfast than eggs? Scientists have the answer



Are nuts better for breakfast than eggs?  Scientists have the answer

“Stem cells” show “promising results” in treatment of “multiple sclerosis”.

A recent study shows that injecting a type of stem cells into the brains of patients with multiple sclerosis achieves promising results and can protect the brain from damage from the disease.

The study, published Monday in the journal Stem Cell by researchers from Britain and Italy, is a step toward developing an advanced stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis, a crippling disease that leaves some sufferers unable to walk on their own. walk in general.

More than two million people worldwide live with multiple sclerosis, which is caused by the body’s immune system destroying “myelin,” the protective sheath around the nerve fibers surrounding the brain and spinal cord. brain and other parts of the body.

Recent research advances have revealed that stem cell therapies can help reduce this vulnerability by infusing or transplanting “master” stem cells into the body.

After a previous successful study conducted in mice to test this approach, the researchers continued their new study in humans, where neural stem cells were injected directly into the brains of 15 multiple sclerosis patients in Italy.

Stem cells were extracted from cells taken from fetal brain tissue, and the researchers followed the patients for 12 months, during which time there were no treatment-related deaths or serious adverse effects.

At the start of the trial, all patients showed a high degree of disability, with most requiring a wheelchair.

However, during the 12-month follow-up period, none of them showed an increase in disability or worsening of symptoms, and none of the patients reported symptoms suggestive of relapse, and their cognitive functions did not deteriorate significantly during the study period. Researchers believe this indicates significant persistence of the disease.

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The researchers evaluated a subset of patients for changes in the volume of brain tissue associated with disease progression, and found that the higher the dose of injected stem cells, the smaller the brain volume over time.

Professor Stefano Pluchino, the lead researcher of the study from the University of Cambridge in the UK, says: “This study is the first phase of clinical trials in humans to assess the feasibility, safety and tolerability of neural stem cell injections in patients with multiple sclerosis.”

He added to Asharq Al-Awsat, “The success achieved by the group at this stage is a prerequisite for developing efficacy studies, which will be the next step for the research group,” pointing out that “experiments will be conducted in larger numbers. Patients should better monitor the therapeutic effects of this approach.”

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How to login to the My Health Qatar portal



How to login to the My Health Qatar portal

The My Health Qatar portal is an electronic platform launched by the Ministry of Health in the State of Qatar. Residents, citizens or residents of the State of Qatar can access and benefit from this portal for electronic delivery of all ministry services through this website. Services available, the most important of which is access to authorized facilities for medical examination of foreign workers.

My Health Portal

If you have an account on Qatar Health Portal and want to access this account, you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to My Health Portal by clicking this connection.

  • Enter your username or email.

  • Enter the password.

  • Click on Login button.

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How to Register on Sehati Qatar Website

My Health PortalYou must open an account on the Sehaty website to avail the services offered by the site. These are the steps to follow to register on the site:

  • Fill the electronic form with the person’s information such as health card number.

  • Information recorded includes:

    • Qatar Identification Number

    • Patient name.

    • Father’s Name

    • Grandfather Name

    • phone number.

    • date of birth.

    • Nationality.

    • Note that the email ID is rewritten for confirmation.

    • Display code.

  • Terms and conditions of the site are accepted.

  • Click the Next button.

  • You will receive a verification code in a message on your mobile phone.

  • Click on the Verify option.

  • Click on the link sent to your email to activate the account.

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How to follow up on registration request on Qatar Health Portal

After submitting the registration application on the website, the submitted application is considered and accepted or rejected after three days of submission. If the application is not accepted, one has to visit one of the branches of Hamad Medical Institute. If the application is accepted, the following steps should be followed:

  • Access My Health Qatar website.

  • Enter the username or email you used to create an account earlier.

  • Enter the password.

  • Click on login to avail all the services offered by the site.

How do I view test results from the Sehaty app?

First, you need to access the application, then write the medical registration number and password, select the region to which it belongs, then enter the verification code sent to your phone, and then go to the list of test results.

When will medical report appear in Sehati application?

The medical reports are instantly displayed in the Shihati application, as the medical reports are constantly updated so that the person can get the report at any time.

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