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The Saeed Humanitarian Forum was launched in Abu Dhabi under the slogan “Thank you, our first defense”.


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Today in Abu Dhabi, the activities of the thirteenth session of the Saeed Humanitarian Forum were launched under the slogan “Thank you, our first defense”, which is held annually by Saeed Al-Atta in conjunction with Saeed Humanitarian Day. , With the virtual presence of representatives of 60 government, private and civil organizations, with the participation of many pioneers in volunteering and community service, both inside and outside the country, every year Ramadan falls on the 19th.

The forum falls within the framework of the “Saeed Humanitarian Day”, in which the late Sheikh Saeed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding leader, pacifies the souls and introduces his charitable and humanitarian work both at home and abroad. To spread awareness about the importance of charitable activities and to provide assistance and assistance to others and those in need so that the nations of the world and the people in need can follow him and highlight these values..

At its current session, the Disaster Medical Forum organized and announced at its 13th session the names of the winners of the Emirates Humanitarian Award, the Emirates Medal for Humanitarian Work and the Saeed Humanitarian Youth Award..

The forum aims to integrate the culture of volunteering and humanitarian work among the community and youth, in line with the directives of State President Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan, “May God protect him” to unite the culture. Translate the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the State of Dubai for Humanitarian Affairs, and may the Ruler of Dubai, May God protect him, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, color, ethnicity; Regardless, make innovative efforts that contribute to the promotion of youth to serve communities both locally and internationally.

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Over the past thirteen years, Saeed’s Humanitarian Forum, the Emirates Volunteer Center, the Dar Al Per Society, the Sharjah Foundation, the Saudi German Hospitals Association and the Emirates Giving Association have organized prestigious community initiatives on Zayed Kwing’s initiative. A unique model of collective sustainable social work.

The forum also aims to help serve humanity by creating a generation of young pioneers of humanitarian work, rehabilitating them, and making a continuing innovative effort in the fields of health and education, creating a culture of specialized medical volunteer work for young people. Highlighting the immense humanitarian efforts of doctors and staff, other medical facilities in various government and private hospitals across the state are at the forefront of reducing corona virus disease, and the study of innovative efforts by physicians at Emirates, through diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive efforts, realistic solutions to counter-virus and innovative Has effectively contributed to the detection of projects. .

During the forum, a documentary on the humanitarian plans of the Saeed Giving campaign was shown, which was able to reach millions of people around the world with its humanitarian message and contribute to finding realistic solutions to the most beneficial health problems. More than 30 million children and the elderly in various parts of the world use the largest series. From mobile clinics, domain and mobile hospitals to innovative and unprecedented models of specialized volunteer humanitarian medicine for the people of Emirates.

The forum’s event includes the Emirates Humanitarian Award, the Emirates Medal for Humanitarian Action, and the Saeed Prize for Youth Humanitarian Achievement, which honors humanitarian entrepreneurs who are awarded annually to pioneers of volunteer work, community and human tolerance. Voluntary movement and their efforts and contributions in the areas of sustainable human and community development that can have a clear impact on the enrichment of industry Social problems that improve human health.

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During the forum, scientific sessions were held in the presence of a panel of senior experts in pioneering volunteerism, community outreach and humanitarian donation, where Dr. Reem Othman, Ambassador for Humanitarian Affairs, said the Saeed Humanitarian Forum is organized annually. With Saeed Humanitarian Day, the anniversary of the departure of the founder of the state, the values ​​of giving, virtue and doing include the classic and well-established human values ​​desired by the late God. Well, that is one of the most important aspects of an Emirati citizen’s personality, and we follow it under even more brilliant leadership.

Dr. Adel Al-Shamri Al-Azmi, CEO of Saeed Giving Initiative, President of Emirates Giving and Head of Emirates Doctors, said that the UAE is distinguished for its leadership in charitable and humanitarian work around the world. Our brilliant leadership follows the attitude of the founding father because it sets a unique example in unlimited giving and stretches out his hands in white to help every poor person anywhere in the world..


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