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Creative people face psychological stress with artwork – health reporting – mental health


A person is full of emotions and he carries it to his depths. He is greatly affected by his surroundings, and the challenges and obstacles that come his way in life. .

Furthermore, workers in the arts are psychologically affected by the pressures that overwhelm the industry, shooting dates, the environment of the sites, the quality of the work they provide and the masked personalities, some of whom are forced to explore the depth of personality in all its details so they can express it on screen, Thus it is difficult for them to get rid of it.

The epidemic of “Govt 19” had a significant impact on the art industry, leading to the suspension of its activities for some time, leading to the frustration and depression of some of the pioneers in the field, as a result of their suspension. The art movement in the Emirates is associated with theater, we have been suffering from the epidemic of “Govt 19” for a gap of one and a half years, which has psychological consequences for all of us workers in this field, in which a large group of young men and women work, it depends on them as a source of income, this suspension has saddened us and Entered the state of depression, some of us were able to cope with it, others could not

Deep communication

Al-Halyan’s connection with the theater seemed profound because he devoted his entire effort to serving as the “Father of the Arts” and worked to enrich it with his diligence in presenting various programs to adults or children. He says: It saddened me to be told that stopping the drama season I could have affected me psychologically, especially since I had been accustomed to participating in theatrical seasons for many years, until seven festivals in the Emirates, all of which were stopped by the Govt 19 ”epidemic, and when the drama movement could return to its previous era. So far we do not know.

Al-Halyan noted that he was able to overcome these effects by directing his creativity and effort towards plays. He said: In the past, as a result of the theater’s suspension, I have worked on writing the script for the series “We Love Them” shown last Ramadan, thereby attempting to provide the audience with a sense of humor, in order to convey the nature of the general situation in which the whole world lives, and the psychological effects left by the “Govt” epidemic. 19 விளைவாக As a result of closure, social exclusion and so on

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According to the director, Nyla Al-Ghaza, she had a different experience with “phobia” and she told Al-Bayani: “I do not hide a secret when I say that I have encountered many things in my life over the years. , Left a mark on it.I did not hide the fact that I went through easy personal situations, which caused a strong and influential reaction on my personality and soul, I suffered from closed and short breaks and a period of “phobia” of loud sound, but all my efforts were creative I was able to deal with this by directing towards the works, and I tried to get myself out of these negative effects through a film crew. I gave it to the cinema. “

Effective method

She continued, “I felt that these works were a useful way to express all that was on my mind, and I used them to strengthen my character. Over time, I was able to overcome all these obstacles and turn them into opportunities. And a multi-award-winning creative work.” I am fully aware of the nature of psychological stress caused by working in the field of art and creativity, but on the other hand, I believe it reflects a path to psychotherapy and enhances the audience’s awareness.We have previously followed many theatrical and cinematic works that have contributed to raising awareness about mental health and mental health.

Severe experiences

Director Nahla Al-Fahd has never experienced harsh psychological experiences, and he handles things calmly, adding: The field of art and creativity in general is one of the areas where psychological stress is high, because this field is mainly based on creative ideas, in which we spend a lot of emotions and energy on the audience. To gain insight, realize that this field is very close to social issues and that most of them are self-inflicted, so many workers in this field are psychologically vulnerable, especially as artists imitate their characters and explore them to convince the audience of what they offer. Then turn to them in the opposite way. Nahla showed that the treatment of such things is always in the hands of that person. She said: Each of us has a certain tolerance so that he can overcome the challenges imposed by the nature of the industry.

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Fixed communication

Yasser al-Nayadi, the artist and director, is passionate about all kinds of art, so you can always see that he is in its arenas and the effects of the “Govt 19” epidemic in the art world and its closure. The cessation of filming sites and production had an effect on Al Naidi’s psyche, he said: the epidemic made her feel the danger and insecurity for all of us, not only on a practical level, but also psychologically: for those of us who work in the technical field, we are partly due to the nature of the work we present on screen and on stage. We are different, so we need to constantly interact with the personalities we present. Because, we are affected by these characters, their nuances and their differences.

He continued, “I can not deny that working on filming sites is very influential. Every time I am in a movie, theater or drama, I pray to God to take part in any of these sites.

Intense in music

Composer Anas Halal, he said: Each of us has a special path in life, we all pass through situations and experiences that greatly affect us and leave special traces in it, for me, I have lived some of these experiences, especially during times of epidemics and the whole world, I In non-living situations, it had an effect on my psyche, especially as I was a musician and a romantic rhythm. The cessation of movement in the art scene in its various forms had a special impact on me.

She continued: I tried hard to overcome the challenges posed by the epidemic on us, and I tried to get rid of the effects of the sadness I left behind.

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Psychiatric illness

In the art community, many stars rode brave horses, spoke out loud about their psychological distress, and expressed their personal experiences of their mental health through their statements and tweets, among them artist Belkis, who expressed suffering from social hatred. In adolescence, he made sure to seek psychiatry in order to stand on stage and seek treatment in an effort to break free from social hatred, which led to him becoming one of the region’s top stars today.

Belkis’ confession was via Twitter, where he wrote: I talked about my journey to seek treatment for mental illness and to get rid of the chronic problem that has plagued my life since I was a teenager. I was ashamed and scared by the consequences of talking about this problem, I have enough courage today, thank God.

Saba stress

The same thing applies to artist Sabah Mubarak, who revealed in a television interview that she “suffered from accumulation and difficulties in life since childhood, which caused her an embarrassing stress, and she had to face it with courage and choose to face it to get rid of it.” “Psychological crises are not easy, it’s important to seek a psychiatrist because it’s hard to overcome,” and “many celebrities who attract attention see that it’s not right to talk about their psychological exhaustion, but she decided to talk about what she went through. It was done for education for the first time. Support those suffering from any illness or mental illness.

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