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The United Arab Emirates joins the world in celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities


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The United Arab Emirates participates with the world community to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3 each year, a day that the United Nations has designated as International Day of the Year since 1992. Emphasize social awareness of disability issues and the inclusion of persons with special needs in various aspects of life.

Thanks to the brilliant visions of the brilliant leadership, the United Arab Emirates has given every attention and attention to the resolute people, enacted laws and regulations for them, and initiated initiatives and policies to provide mechanisms for security, co-ordination and empowerment worldwide. Achievements will continue.

The celebration of the year is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of the role of the affluent people in the community and to highlight the Government’s efforts in overcoming all challenges in the various key sectors of the country and providing all aspects of support and comprehensive care. Initiatives and policies to empower and improve committed individuals and to improve this category and improve the level of services. As a result, the so-called people who determine the category of persons with disabilities, while protecting the recognized international position (persons with disabilities). ) State Federal Law No. 2006. 29, which affirms their rights in all spheres of education, health, occupation and community, and introduces a national policy for the betterment of the people and for effective participation and equal opportunities. The national policy of empowering resilient people to focus on the six key axes of health, rehabilitation and the axis of education to develop an education system that encompasses the fields of public, professional and higher education: The need to provide integrated standards for buildings and to focus on social and family empowerment and public life, culture and sports for the purpose of providing social security policies tailored to the needs of safety print transferees.

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It also introduced a policy to protect vulnerable people from abuse, which aims to combat all forms of abuse that vulnerable people may be subjected to, namely basic care, rehabilitation, medical care, recreation and social integration or exploitation to reap their material benefits.

The government provides equal and fair opportunities for the employment of committed citizens in the public and private sectors. Federal Law No. 2006. (29) and its amendments guarantee the right of the citizen with special needs to work and engage in government employment, while the Ministry of Social Development has introduced the People’s Umbrella, the Employment Guide for the Stable People. It outlined the most important challenges and special needs for their employment. The requirements and knowledgeable staff that contribute to the success of this civilized experiment referred to as “globally”.


The government, represented by the government and the private sector, expresses its interest in defending the rights of this loyal group (of the people), and in securing the successes of national initiatives such as the introduction of a policy of protection. Strong people from abuse in 2019, which aims to combat all forms of abuse, such as depriving people with disabilities of the basics of care, rehabilitation, medicine, entertainment and social integration. The government gave them the right to receive monthly financial assistance, primarily to bring them unspent material benefits, while at the same time achieving social stability for determined people.

In 2018, the government launched the Emirati Sign Language Dictionary for the deaf, which collects local Emirati sign language words and documents them in an approved integrated dictionary aimed at serving the deaf and hard of hearing, integrating them into the community and disseminating their language. As this achievement falls within the framework of the goals of the UAE Vision 2021 and its national agenda, it seeks to enhance an integrated community that is proud of its identity by ensuring its continuity and growth and providing a comprehensive environment that integrates into its framework. Different sections of the community.

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The Committee of Ministers, in its first session in 2019, approved the Emirates Code of Conduct with the aim of transforming all state buildings and facilities into friendly locations and cities for various segments of the community, ensuring that people are committed to providing a holistic service environment and facilities in an effort to promote and stimulate creative potential at the forefront. And various sections of the community have the technical specifications needed to achieve their applications and needs. Their power and pleasure in both roads, public transport, land, air and sea transport, as well as other facilities inside and outside homes, including schools, homes, medical facilities and workplaces.

This code is a guide for the relevant authorities to coordinate at the state level the efforts to ensure uniformity of elements of the urban environment in which the diverse population lives and travels and the different sections of the community.


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