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The World Green Economic Summit will discuss global food security at Expo 2020 in Dubai


The seventh session of the “World Green Economy Summit” organized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and the World Green Economic Organization reviews a set of key topics that will be key to achieving sustainable development, including food security in the world. Its role in achieving sustainable green growth.

The summit will be held on October 6 and 7 at the “Expo 2020 Dubai” site, in conjunction with the 23rd edition of the Vedex and Dubai Solar Energy exhibition, organized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. October 2021 Fifth and Seventh.

The summit will provide more space to discuss the solutions, resources and research needed to address the challenges facing global food security and the effective measures that need to be taken to increase readiness and flexibility in tackling various future variables. The “Govit-19” epidemic has demonstrated the importance of food security, which is an important area for achieving the well-being of the world’s population, and the urgent need to continue the work of key sectors around the world, and to meet development needs in all sectors.

Food and Agriculture

Since food security is one of the priority files for governments in the post-epidemic phase, the summit will discuss the conditions required for food and agricultural technology to meet the criteria of a green or circular economy, and to conserve natural resources. Water in the production process.

Specific efforts have been launched to address various challenges in Dubai, including the Food Technology Valley Project, which is one of the key efforts to effectively contribute to the use of agro-genetic engineering methods, and hydroponic and vertical farming methods to ensure food security for the population.

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Food security

Minister of State for Food and Water Security Mariam Bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi said food security is one of the most important strategic pillars in promoting the sustainable growth of the green economy and achieving its goals in the United Arab Emirates. It is important to support the food sector through improved infrastructure and technical employment. Increase and maintain local production in light of the many major challenges facing the UAE.

He said that implementing food security with all technological and innovative solutions is crucial for the prosperity of the green economy in various key sectors and that this economy is a pillar for the prosperity of the entire food value chain in the UAE.

Al-Muhairi continued: “The Global Green Economic Summit 2021 reflects practical action to support our efforts to improve our national food security by exchanging experiences and global visions in light of the global trend. To adopt green economic solutions in favor of whole food systems in all countries.”

He hoped that food security discussions during the summit would come up with supportive solutions for the food sector and practical solutions that could contribute to achieving the goals of the National Strategy for Food Security.

Integrated system

For his part, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said improving food security and sustainability was a strategic priority for the UAE. Factors, the most important of which are modern technologies and innovative solutions, as well as strengthening research and development capabilities, enhancing the capabilities of local food production and maintaining the continuity of outdoor supply chains and as needed and supportive. Logistics services.

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He added: “The UAE is moving towards its strategic direction towards a green economy, thanks to the vision and guidance of its leadership in adopting and improving modern technological solutions that ensure food security and sustainability across all regions. In the aftermath of the global repercussions, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is reviewing experiences and sustainable technology solutions in collaboration and coordination with its strategic partners to improve the capabilities to achieve food security priorities.

He stressed that the summit has become one of the most important global forums to present and discuss the most important global challenges.

Standard diet

In the same context, Saeed Mohammed Al Thayer, Vice President of the Dubai Supreme Energy Council and Chair of the World Green Economic Summit, said: “The Global Green Economic Summit will discuss ways to advance food technology and the food value chain, and the latest technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, both locally and globally. In the presence of dignitaries, enhancing the UAE’s contribution to delivering sustainable global solutions, including state and government leaders and elite experts and experts, contributes to improving human life everywhere, and integrates the country’s position as a leading global hub for food security in terms of innovation and knowledge.

The summit supports the United Arab Emirates’ efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, including the eradication of hunger and the “National Food Security Strategy 2051” launched by the United Arab Emirates in 2018. National organization based on sustainable food production.

Al-Marashi: Strong and innovative strategic partnership

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Habiba Al Marashi, Founder Partner and Chairman of the Emirates Environment Working Group, stressed that the green economy is a great way to achieve sustainable growth. He said that sustaining the economy in the region ecologically is not an option but a compulsion to achieve sustainable development goals and provide more jobs without affecting the nature of the planet. Al-Marashi added: “The food problem has become more complex. On the one hand, there is the problem of food waste, on the other hand, there is food security. This requires the creation of concrete, innovative, multi-sectoral strategic partnerships and effective partnerships. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates, in the context of the World Green Economic Summit 2021, deserves widespread praise for its pioneering efforts and pioneering role in this regard. . “

Food security is one of the most important strategic pillars in achieving the goals of the green economy and promoting sustainable growth in the United Arab Emirates.

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