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The world’s view of the climate conference… 5,000 journalists cover the event


Mohammed Al Hammadi, president of the Emirates Journalists Association, described the working scene at the United Nations International Media Center at the Conference of the Parties (COP 28) as a “beehive” of the world’s nationalities and languages. The United Nations Media Centers in the Blue Zone and the media affiliated with the Expo City in Al-Qadra region, “Media participation in international events and conferences represents an excellent opportunity for media professionals to test their skills and gain new experiences, get to know their colleagues around the world, and in global organizations. Experience international media work methods.

During his visit, Al Hammadi learned about the logistical and technical support of international media professionals and its contribution in enhancing their role. Carrying out media coverage to maintain the momentum of a major and exceptional international event in the UAE.

He met with Tim Davies, Director of International Broadcasting for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and looked at services offered to all media, including radio, television, news websites, news agencies and newspapers, in addition to social media and media platforms. Specializing in the field of climate.

Davis explained that the services provided by the center include open auditoriums, private rooms for media, studios, photography, video, broadcast and transmission services in addition to computers and Internet.

Davis, along with al-Hammadi, inspected the media center’s operations rooms, communications equipment, television and radio broadcasts, and social media platforms.

Al-Hammadi explained: “My visit to the United Nations Media Center and the Expo City Media Center was an opportunity to experience the state of the international, regional and local media and to learn about the methods and methods of media coverage. To interact with the participants of the Climate Conference.”

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He pointed out that the two centers provide advanced media services to all local, regional and international media organizations, thereby enhancing their communication and interaction.

He called on media professionals to benefit from the expertise and experience of Tim Davies, Director of the Media Center for the Conference of Parties for 18 years, and build relationships with colleagues. In environmental media, it is a new tributary to the region and will be one of the most important and attractive sectors of media.

Al Hammadi appreciated the level of services provided by the International Media Center to more than 5,000 journalists from all countries of the world and eased their work tasks. Conventions, Conference of Parties and other events like “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

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