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There are 129 medical facilities in the country providing services to “mental” patients


The Ministry of Health and Social Security said the total number of health care facilities providing mental health services has reached 129 facilities across the state, employing a multidisciplinary staff of 5,461 staff, citing the total number of visits from mental patients to mental health units. The country has surpassed 226.3 thousand by 2020, of which the proportion of psychiatric beds in the country has increased by 41%, including visits of 31.1% of patients with anxiety and depression.

The Ministry said that the Mental Health Development Cup has been placed at the forefront of its priorities in line with effective policies in a sustainable health environment, in an effort to provide comprehensive and integrated mental health services. , Law and regulations, with the participation of relevant authorities, ensure that the needy are delivered to a high standard comparable to international standards, contributing to the achievement of the UAE Century 2071 goals.

The ministry explained in a recent report to the Central National Council that it has been working on formulating a national policy to improve mental health approved by the Cabinet in 2017. Initiatives that emerge from policy objectives are used for 129 health facilities nationwide. The state, which provides mental health services, has a diverse staff of 5,461 employees.

The report, which received a copy of “Emirates Today”, states that the rate of mental beds in the country increased by 41% in 2019 compared to the number of beds in 2016. World Health Organization efforts to integrate community psychological and mental health services into primary health care to strengthen health services.

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The ministry said it was working to strengthen the central system of health data and information on the number of visitors to mental health centers in the country, with plans to complete the central database next year. By 2020, there will be 226,352 visits by mentally ill patients to mental health care units in the country. Maximum visits were 18.6% of patients with depression, followed by 12.5% ​​of patients with anxiety. , Then 10.4% of psychiatric schizophrenia patients, “These percentages are consistent with global statistics on the prevalence of mental disorders. Depression, panic disorders and anxiety are one of the highest rates of mental illness.”

The Ministry pointed out that 60% (51 facilities) of all hospitals and primary health care facilities in the country provide comprehensive and integrated mental health, with steps and guidelines for improving and expanding the scope of mental health services in line with national policy. Health services, while the percentage of mental health services integration in primary health care is 58%, of which 39 centers provide basic community mental health services and five centers provide specialized mental health services.

According to the ministry, the percentage of hospitals providing mental health services in the country has reached 53%, including eight general hospitals, a special reference hospital and an excellent center for mental health services, while the number of beds has increased. Al-Amal Hospital for Mental Health surpassed 245%, rising from 80 beds to 276 beds, an increase of nearly 47% in the number of human staff working in two years.

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The ministry said more than 10,000 clients in the mental health sector have benefited from the service since its launch in mid-2020, and the number of virtual visits from clients to physicians and psychiatrists has exceeded 29,000. Creating a mobile team to intervene in crises, the team provides psychological support to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with more than 3,300 visits, targeting all cases discharged from the hospital as needed. And for transient chronic events, to ensure patient commitment to treatment, to reduce recurrence rates, to help patients’ families care for patients, and to reduce psychological stress on them.

4 service models

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has confirmed that Emirates Health Services Corporation is a leading global model of mental health services in the country, as it is based on its layered care model recommended by the World Health Organization. ) And implemented in Singapore and Canada as well as in the UK and Australia.

The ministry pointed out that there are four levels to provide mental health services, first mental health services in primary health care centers, then mental health services in public hospitals, specialized mental health care and finally community mental health services. Provided by trained psychiatrists.

Consultations are categorized according to the level of risk and they are recommended by a specialist as needed.

Adding 100% to “mental health”

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has announced that the percentage of mental health integration in health care facilities has increased from 31% to 58% to achieve 100% coverage.

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It provided psychiatric early detection services, with periodic screenings through the “Edmanon” program, at a rate of 100% at all care centers.

He explained that there are five centers that provide specialized mental health services and that more than 8000 clients have benefited by integrating mental health services into primary health care. In addition to the primary care centers at Al-Amal Psychiatric Hospital, three more centers will be added to the network this year.

வாடிக்க 10,000 clients in the mental health sector have benefited from the medical service since mid-2020.

58% integration of mental health services into primary health care.

“Rates of mental illness in the country are in line with global statistics, where depression, panic disorders and anxiety are the highest.”

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