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These are the invisible men in Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter Technology


Behind the scenes, several billionaires pushed Tesla CEO Elon Musk to take over Twitter completely.

In their article published in the Wall Street Journal,The Wall Street JournalAmerican writers, said Rob Copeland, Georgia Wells, Rebecca Elliott and Liz Hoffman; As Musk’s anti-Twitter campaign grew, so did fellow millionaires and Internet trolls who sought to buy Bluebird behind the scenes.

The authors of the article explained that these men found the right man for entrepreneurs to stand up to the moderate level of company content and management.

According to the article; With Twitter team accepting Musk’s $ 44 billion acquisition, Tesla’s CEO and the world’s richest man are in a position to design the site the way he wants it; It is unclear whether Musk took the advice of his colleagues seriously or followed his instincts.

The article points out that Musk could unleash a number of personalities and allow former US President Donald Trump to return to the stage after he stopped using his account after the last presidential election.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, was one of Musk’s instigators of the (European) deal.

Old friends

According to those familiar with the matter, a group close to activists and entrepreneurs with libertarian aspirations encouraged Elon Musk to capture Twitter.

The group also includes so-called “PayPal” and Musk, former executives of the online payment company, including investor Peter Deal and businessman David Sox, investor Steve Jurvetson, Muskin’s brother Kimball, and member of Tesla’s board of directors who have asked for their participation in Musk’s land. Helped explain one of the great mysteries of obsession.

Musk has always been keen to keep in touch with fans and critics, tweeting more than 6 times a day in 2018, and his interest on the stage increased even after he got into legal trouble; One of his most memorable tweets indicated that he was abusing children, while another tweeted that Musk was considering going private to Tesla and receiving funding for it, which paid the bond regulators $ 20 million to settle the matter.

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Secret friend

According to Musk’s friends and colleagues, he’s increased his use of Twitter and tweets an average of 9 times a day in 2020, revealing his growing friendship with then-CEO Jack Dorsey.

The two millionaires sometimes responded to each other on Twitter, often exchanging personal messages; One of the platform’s former executives, Dorsey, said he sometimes postponed meetings because he was too busy texting Musk at work.

That’s why he believes that Dorsey, who resigned last year under pressure from the Twitter board of directors, is in the circle that prompted Musk to buy Twitter, and is believed to have whispered in Musk’s ear that Twitter should be privatized.

It said the common interests of the two previous executives included exploring whether Twitter could operate more effectively as a private company.

Although they disagree on how to handle Trump’s account; The friendship between Musk and Dorsey continued on April 25, when he tweeted that Elon was the only solution he believed in, and this coincided with the announcement that Twitter had accepted Musk’s offer, according to which Dorsey would receive a billion dollars in return. His Twitter share.

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