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They asked Kinda Allushi, “What’s forbidden in the bedroom?” When asked, she responded without hesitation and shocked everyone!


Syrian actress Kinda Allosh recently appeared as a guest on the “Live from Duplex” show hosted by celebrity doll Abla Fahida on the “One” channel.

Actress Kinda Allush, who wears the clothes of her husband Amr Yousuf and uses his personal and personal belongings because she loves him so much and has not seen anything else in this world like he said, he mentioned to his brother. He is a bastard and not from a family. Instead, they found it on the doorstep of a mosque.

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During her televised interview on the show “Abla Fahida”, “Alush” added that Amr Yusuf loves her so much, can not see others, can not treat her with tenderness and gentleness, and Abla Fahida opposed Amr Yusuf in front of Allush. Kinda Alush created the “Five and Commissar” movement out of fear of jealousy.

Talking a lot more, she said that she prevented her husband from talking to her, especially in the bedroom, and that he did not want to talk in the bedroom so that his famous brave and famous woman would respond to him. .

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