June 5, 2023

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Video: Mike Tyson stabs a passenger during a flight

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It seems that one of the passengers on the plane wanted to confirm whether American boxer Mike Tyson had actually retired from boxing. Flight from San Francisco to Florida.

According to several reports, Tyson boarded the plane, last evening, Wednesday, with great excitement, several passengers took a souvenir photo (selfie) with him, but despite many requests from the boxer, the passenger sitting behind him provoked him the most. His case, according to “Russia Today”.

Tyson’s patience ran out as the passenger continued to throw several powerful punches.

And many of the pioneers of social networking sites, during their comments on the spreading video, gathered that the passenger provoked Tyson to achieve his goal he had planned from the beginning and then received bloody punches from him. He sought the police and then he would definitely demand bigger compensation.


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