March 21, 2023

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This series, except I am on the side .. Show dates and carrier channels

This series, except I am on the side .. Show dates and carrier channels

The Ella Ana Trend series topped the Google search engine indicators because it topped the trend list in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the seventh episode of the Ella Ana series is scheduled to air today, Sunday, and visitors are constantly searching for episodes of all the Ana series displayed via the TMC satellite screen.

Dates for the “Except Me” series The “edge” story

Chapters of the “Except Me” series will be shown on the DMC Satellite Channel screen from Saturday to Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

And episodes of the series “Except Me” will be repeated on the DMC Theatrical Channel from Saturday to Wednesday at 11pm.

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Except for me, the frequency of the channels carrying the series The “edge” story

Under this heading, we are reviewing for you the frequency of the knot that bears the “except me” series because the “except me” series is displayed on the TMC channel screen, which has 12092 frequency, vertical polarity, error correction factor 5/6, index ratio 27500.

The protagonists of the series, except me, are a story “on the sidelines”

The story “On the Margins” from the series “Except Me” is the first full-length performance by artist Nermin L-Feki and artist Sabri Fawaz, Jihan Khalil, Heidi Refat, Mahmoud Amr Yassin, Dasnim Mather and Heidi Khalid. Many young people and the new story directed by Ahmed Shafiq are participating in this work.

The story of the “Except Me” series, a story “Sideways”

“On the Margin” is the story of a woman who is the epitome of the artist “Nermin El-Fecci” in the “Except Me” series.

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The events of the last episodes of the series “On the edge” except “I am a story”

Her husband, artist “Sabri Fawaz”, filed for divorce after discovering that the artist, “Nermin El-Fiki”, cheated on her with her close friend “Jihan Khalil”.

“Sabri Fawaz” agrees to the divorce and says that she has no other right but to delay her dowry and that she has no right to have children and asks her to leave the house after the divorce.

He takes the car key from her, “Nermin El-Fagi” leaves the house, and the events of the second episode come to an end.

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