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To survive


Kafka’s saying is not absurd (how much effort it takes to be alive), because life is not easy, the possibility of staying in it requires effort, and in the midst of what a person faces, life becomes one. A rare diamond, an enigma, a challenge, it is not easy to protect it from dangers, trespasses and wandering around with others and madmen.

Yes, life is beautiful because a person opens his eyes and everything around him announces to him countless choices. “There is life worth living on this earth,” says Darwish, and on mountain peaks, on remote islands and in narrow alleys, in slums, and inside fine palaces, with your loved ones, alone, or with family and friends, before you are beaches, trips, markets, reading, music, children. , food, perfumes, poetry, love and songs.

Indeed, there are countless pleasures, but despite all these immense pleasures, you hear Mahmoud Darwish cry out in pain as a poet looks around on the scorched earth, not seeing the light of hope (all the dead, miraculously survived).

However, life is made for us to live and enjoy what we get, each one to live according to his own effort and his own vision, without our effort being a target and attacking our vision. The life of others, since life is an opportunity given equally to all, is contrasted with the opportunities to exploit the resources of life or the means of production, as he says, there are some, as there are factory owners, and some. There are people who work and steal! Just as earthquakes do not prevent people from staying and rebuilding in earthquake-stricken areas, our knowledge of this should not prevent us from working on it.

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I wonder about the fine line between hope and despair, and I see clearly in people who live in volcanic areas, how a volcano erupts and spews that deadly lava, and everything is destroyed, so that life can be so beautiful and beautiful. The lava is then fertile, and people return to plant there.

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Pandora Bacchus
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