March 25, 2023

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Toyota recalls electric cars within two months of launch

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Toyota Motor Corporation today announced the recall of 2,700 EVs, its first mass-produced electric vehicle, to the global market due to the risk of wheels splitting..

Toyota, the world’s largest carmaker, has submitted a request to the Japanese Ministry of Transport for recall of sports cars (BZ.4X).

Of the 2,700 cars, 2,200 were imported to Europe, 260 to the United States, 20 to Canada and 110 to Japan, the company said..

Subaru also said today that it has recalled about 2,600 Soltera cars from the global market, its first full-fledged electric car to be manufactured jointly with Toyota for the same reason..

Japan’s safety regulator says sharp turns and sudden braking can loosen the wheel bolts and increase the risk of the wheels detaching from the vehicle.

He said he was unaware of the accidents caused by this defect and advised drivers to stop using the vehicle until “permanent” repair action is taken.

A spokesman for the two companies also said that none of the cars being recalled in Japan had yet been delivered to customers because they were intended for test runs and demonstrations..

“We apologize if you have any inconvenience due to this matter,” Toyota said on its website. “We’ll fix (the defect) soon, but we’ll check the details.”

A Toyota spokesman said not all models have been recalled, but declined to say how many..