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Tragedy and “Mourning”..Details of the “Tragedy” of the Greek Rescue Team in Libya


On Monday, Greek authorities confirmed that five people had died in a rescue team sent to Libya to help with flood recovery efforts.

Greek Defense Minister Nicos Dentias said in a statement on Monday that five of the 19-member group were killed in a traffic accident in Libya, and three days of mourning were declared in the armed forces.

Athens and Libyan officials confirmed that the group members were on their way to the flood-hit city of Derna when the bus carrying them crashed into a vehicle carrying five Libyans on the road between Benghazi and Derna. Three occupants of the vehicle were killed.

The Greek Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the dead were three members of the armed forces and two translators, adding that “with the coordination of the Ministry of National Security, the United Nations and the European Union, the consulate of Greece in Benghazi is ready.” Help the mission and bring it home.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wrote on Facebook: “In a tragic incident, we mourn with regret the 5 members of the Greek delegation. A tragedy occurred while fulfilling a noble humanitarian duty and international solidarity. The whole country is in mourning.”

Othman Abdel Jalil, the health minister of eastern Libya’s government, confirmed at a press conference on Sunday that 15 people were injured in the “terrible” accident, including seven in critical condition.

Greek officials said “operations are underway to withdraw this crew from Benghazi,” noting that they had dispatched a Greek military C-130 plane carrying a medical team.

The Greek Foreign Ministry released a picture of a team it said it had sent to deliver humanitarian aid to affected areas of Libya.

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The Associated Press reports that rescue efforts in Terna have been hampered by logistical problems and poor infrastructure. The UN envoy to Libya, Abdullahi Badili, has proposed establishing a comprehensive mechanism to “oversee recovery efforts, set priorities and ensure accountability in flood-affected areas”.

Patelli stressed the importance of “intensifying relief efforts in an urgent and coordinated manner, considering transparency and accountability in the use of resources during the recovery and reconstruction process.”

After a visit to Terna on Saturday, the international official said: “I have seen the destruction of lives and private and public property caused by the floods. It is a heartbreaking sight when I see the scale of the devastation that I saw up close… The crisis is overwhelming. Libya’s ability to manage it is beyond political and national boundaries.

“New paths” to accelerate relief in Libya… and a terrible accident for the Greek rescue team

On Sunday, Libyan ambulance services, supported by foreign groups, continued to search for thousands of people missing as a result of the flood disaster, and the United Nations ambassador to Libya, Abdullah Badili, proposed establishing a comprehensive mechanism to oversee rescue efforts. .

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