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Why does Google translate this positive phrase into Arabic as “I hate you”?


Translation appearing on Google Translate (Internet).

Monday 18 September 2023 / 16:47

Google offers instant translation based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that help users translate texts from one language to another easily and quickly.

Although there is a lot of interest in Google Translate, it suffers from many shortcomings and problems, such as negative examples of its translation, which happened recently when monitoring an account on the “Google Translate” site.Hacker NewsTranslation of “We will do our best for you” in English “I hate you” in ArabicIt sparked laughter and sarcastic comments on social media.

This problem highlights the challenges of using machine translation, which can be imprecise and lack knowledge, making it unsuitable for situations where accuracy is required, such as legal, medical or scientific translation.

And tell me A Google spokesperson “Google Translate is a machine translator without the intervention of human translators. When it creates a translation, it looks for patterns in billions of documents to help show the best translation to the user.”
The speaker continues, “Because translations are done by machines, not all translations are perfect, and sometimes errors or mistranslations occur.”

The spokesperson called on anyone who encounters incorrect or inappropriate translations to report them to Google, saying “we’ll be happy to fix them as soon as possible.” Reporting page Report incorrect translations or help improve the selection of appropriate words.

And to confirm the matter, it appeared Survey conducted in 2021 Google Translate’s accuracy is only 55% when used to translate from languages ​​other than English.

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Google announced it at the beginning of last February, in the context of working on improving the capabilities of the tool Dedicated to improving contextual translations In English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, but it does not mention Arabic.

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