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What was the reason behind the expulsion of famous British broadcaster Philip Schofield?


The recent news of the resignation of British TV presenter Philip Schofield, after more than 20 years of hosting the hugely popular variety show, has left many shocked and curious as to the merits of this sudden resignation or dismissal. This morning on “IT” channel. on ITV. Initially, several sources said that hostility and mutual tension between Philip and fellow “This Morning” co-host Holly Willoughby was the reason for his decision to quit, and that they were not close and avoided greeting each other off-camera.

Who is Philip Schofield?

Philip Schofield is one of the UK’s leading television presenters. He began his career in 1985 by presenting a children’s BBC program on the BBC channel. During his many years of work, he managed to attract a wide audience and gain great fame in England and around the world.

Schofield is best known for his variety of television appearances, particularly on “This Morning” and other entertainment, cultural and arts programs such as Phillips Big Quiz, “Mr & Mrs”, “Dancing on Ice”, and “The Cube”. He is involved in charity work and social initiatives.

let go

On May 20, the management of the British channel “ITV” officially announced the departure of Philip Schofield “This Morning”, thanks to working with him for more than 20 years.

Allegations of an affair

In 2020, in an Instagram post read live by his colleague Holly Willoughby as they presented their joint show, Schofield revealed that he was gay and that his sexuality “caused me problems, but with the strength and support of my wife and daughters, I came to terms with the fact that I’ve come to terms with this.” Schofield has been married since 1993 and has two daughters.

Six days after his resignation, on May 26, Schofield admitted to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that he had an illicit relationship with a young employee of the “ITV” channel, which occurred before he announced his sexual orientation, expressing his deep regret. After the young man started working at the channel, he made sure it was consensual and grew beyond friendship, for misleading the media that he was associated with this relationship. Schofield admitted to lying about the matter to the channel’s management, her colleagues, her lawyer, her agent and others, apologizing for her lies but describing the relationship with the young employee as “consensual” and “indiscreet”. , but by law.”

In the details, Schofield was lecturing at a drama school when he met a 15-year-old young worker. Later, he arranged a job interview for him on the “This Morning” program, and would later be hired as an assistant producer. Schofield insisted the relationship with the young man began after he turned 18.

How did the resignation go?

Before Schofield announced his sexual orientation in 2020, there were rumors of a young employee’s relationship with Schofield, which may have prompted him to announce the matter. The channel’s management started an investigation into the matter, but both parties “repeatedly denied” the relationship. However, according to informed sources, the channel’s management came to the conclusion that Schofield was indeed in a relationship with the young man, who later said he was “very disappointed by the confessions”. [سكوفيلد] By cheating,” she confirmed that she had cut all ties with him, while insisting that the “This Morning” show would go on as usual.

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Holly Willoughby, Schofield’s co-worker, said she was “deeply hurt” to learn that Schofield had lied to her when she directly asked him about the initial rumours.

And in her last statement since her resignation, Schofield said she was now free to say what she wanted after she stopped working on the “This Morning” show. The same is true of those who are now raising their voices against me. “This morning, it was a great show to work with great people,” he added.

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