June 7, 2023

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Warnings in Germany that hatred is growing on Twitter after the deal with Musk

Warnings in Germany that hatred is growing on Twitter after the deal with Musk

German digital technologists say US billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter could lead to an increase in hate speech on the Internet.
Ange Domschetberg, spokeswoman for the Digital Policy Committee in the left wing of the German parliament, said in a statement issued by the RND Press Council on Wednesday that “getting a millionaire on the global communications site is too dangerous for many, because Elon Musk did not hide his connection with stories and principles.” Conspiracy and right-wing circles can not expect much benefit from the acquisition of Twitter. “

“Freedom of expression should not conflict with protection against abuse and discrimination, and both social media sites should be guaranteed,” German Greens member Renat Kunst told RND.

Kunst stressed that despite the great efforts, Twitter has a major problem with hate speech and misinformation.

He said, “The mask announcement about the acquisition of Twitter confirms the importance of the EU regulating the work of these sites through the newly enacted Digital Services Act.”

“We cannot naively trust the billionaire partners to protect the rule of law and democracy,” he added.

Jens Zimmermann, spokeswoman for the Social Democrats’ digital policy in the German parliament, expressed concern about Musk’s acquisition of Twitter: “Elon Musk encouraged the acquisition of Twitter and spoke of freedom of expression, but concentration does not guarantee that power is in the hands of one person.

“The big risk is that Musk could misuse the platform to advance his political ambitions and ambitions,” Zimmerman added.

In contrast, pro-corporate Liberal Democrats digital policy spokesman Manuel Hoferlin agreed with the policy of “wait and see” and said it was better to wait for Musk’s action.

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