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“We Go Back, My Passion” Episode 28. Khalid Al-Nabawi Reveals the Conspiracies of Islam


Books – Mustafa Hamza:

“Flick Alo El-Hana”, artist Khalid al-Nabawi, after talking to the family, faced many surprises about the documents confirming his father’s inheritance rights as part of the events of episode 28 of the “Regin Ya” series. Hawa “.

At the beginning of the chapter, the family is divided between those who believe they have the right to take the “flick” and the others who refuse, led by the artist Wafa Amar, the “Yusra”.

For his part, Balik revealed that his late brother Amin was married to another woman who worked with him.

Mehta, the artist, Islam Jamal, divorced his second wife and told her that he had done injustice to his first wife and his son’s mother.

“Tariq”, artist Noor al-Nabawi, went to the sanatorium and apologized to “Salma” for leaving artist Salma Abu Taif after learning he was addicted.

“Yasmin”, the artist, Aya Samaha, apologized to Bali and filmed a new video clip in which he was near to apologize for the allegations against him.

“Omar”, the artist Sheriff Hafeez, spoke with “Flick” about his regret for being involved in the assassination attempt and the actions he had taken with her.

At the end of the episode, “Raouf”, the artist, “flicks” on important accounts denouncing Islam Ibrahim, receives “Yusria” money, and is chained to the villa before he escapes, under a Power of Attorney. He has the right to take her money and add it to his account.

Raouf spoke about his involvement with Abdullah Mukhtar in the assassination of Balik’s brothers.

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After that, following a statement submitted by “Abdullah Mukhtar”, artist Tariq Abdul Aziz, the police came to arrest “Amr” and “Medath”. .

The “Rajin Ya Hawa” series will air again on the CBC Channel at 11:35 pm, 4:30 am the next day and 2:15 pm.

Written by Muhammad Sulaiman Abdul-Malik, the story and verse are written by Muhammad Sulaiman Abdul-Malik in the story of the late Osama Anwar Okasha, directed by Muhammad Salamah and starring Khalid al-Nabawi, Noor Lebanon, Hana Shiha, Wafa Amar, Anushka and Ahmad Badir. Islam Ibrahim, Islam Jamal and Tariq Abdul Aziz, and Salma Abu Taif, Tamim Abdo et al.

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