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When science believes in God, a new book reverses old beliefs about science and belief | Culture


The new scientific book by the French writers Michael-Yves Pollori and Olivier Ponnaci, the scientific discoveries concerning the divine relationship to science, relativity, quantum mechanics, and the thermal death of the universe – and in particular – the theory of the Big Bang has failed to convince any atheist who believes in the existence of God.

And step A statement In an extended edition published by the French newspaper Le Figaro, the two authors began their new book, “God, Science and Evidence … The Dawn of a Revolution” (Dieu, la science, les preuves. L’aube d’une revolution). The face of the Creator in The Great Distant Galaxies.

The astronomer Trin Kuan Duan – one of the scientists cited as “trusted astronomers” by two authors – is confident that “in the next 30 years we will have amazing discoveries about the cosmology of origin.”

Best Architect

This “trusted scientist” – the newspaper adds – was not only the one who bet that there was a “great architect” behind the creation of this universe, for example, some studies that went in the same direction. An American study conducted by the Pew Center in 2009 on Pew Research Center on “Scientists and Beliefs in the United States” shows that the majority of American scientists (51%) believe in “something” compared to the minority (41%) atheists.

French writers cite a 2003 study by the geneticist Farouk Aba Shalev on the beliefs of Nobel laureates that 90% of Nobel laureates belong to a religion, two-thirds of them are Christians, and only 10% of scientists are Nobel laureates for literature.

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The doctrine of the Big Bang – which was scientifically confirmed and flawed in the early sixties of the last century – has long been opposed by those who reject religious beliefs and myths because it has re-opened the theological path. Visions, and even in the light of this opposition Nazism and Communism fought against such notions with the prison. And the death penalty.

The newspaper believes that it is right to insist that the development of science has become less stubborn (to the point of intolerance intellectual stagnation to the extent that a person refuses to look at conflicting ideas in his own ideas), that atheists can no longer believe it to prove the existence of God, and that scientists can prove his existence Can show.

On the other hand, both authors claim that science is not born of nothing, and that if there is a “Big Bang” there is definitely “super-intelligence” before it.

But the problem is that speaking “before the big bang” causes a problem of a temporary nature, because time is born with an explosion, so it is absurd to assume that there is an event before the event and there is no time before the event, which leaves us with the unanswered question: how to be born from one? Or, more clearly: who began to run the hands of time?

In light of these questions, Le Figaro emphasizes that there is only one thing for all scientists, whether they are believers or atheists: the principle of metaphysical questions, which is a big step for believers regardless of their beliefs. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein himself accepted the idea of ​​God as “the primary cause behind things”.

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