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(Why did you reject Hussein Fahmi’s kiss?) Look at Somaya Al-Alfi’s fiery answer to Wafa Al-Qilani’s question!


Aamir Bathi wrote on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 02:43 AM – The artist has arrived Toxicity of the Millennium RecentlyBiographical projectFrom the media presentation Wafa Al Gilani, On the channel “DMKSatellite Channel revealed a lot in the episode about her personal and professional life and her relationship with her late husband Farooq al-Fishawi.

During the meeting, Wafa al-Gilani asked the Egyptian artist about the picture that was shown of his heroine in front of the artist. Hussein Fahmi. The seventies had some moving scenes, with the latter, but she dismissed it.

The artist replied that she went to her husband, the artist Farooq al-Fisha, and asked for his advice because he had made an agreement between her and her father’s spirit not to hold such scenes, and explained: “I went to him and told him that there were scenes of kissing and hugging in bed, in the picture. And I do not know how to make or make this film. ”

Al-Alfi added: “He responded to me with great diplomacy, and said: (I can not tell you to do that, so you come and hold me responsible for this decision, and you are the one who told me to do it, you do not care. ‘ Can’t, so you hold me accountable for the decision I make in the future, tell me I’m not a movie star) and he told me to make the decision myself. ” .

She fears that she has siblings and children and that she has a future thinking that in the future the mother will have children and that in the future her children’s colleagues will use these pictures to harass them. : “By the time I was twenty, my thinking was childish, but with a vision and the need to do it, but it was clear that the upbringing I had developed had made me. I think kissing someone who doesn’t have a nut is unacceptable.

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Art and ethical standards

The moral standards in art should be flexible and the actor who contracts in a film should perform it, even if the audience does not have a dramatic need for the film, the actor should reject it, but if it is necessary and the actor who agreed to the film should be executed.

After she was diagnosed with cancer, Sumaya al-Alfi revealed details about her health

Artist Sumaya al-Alfi, on the other hand, revealed details of her condition in her first press release after undergoing surgery to remove a malignant tumor in her chest, noting that she was subject to an approved treatment protocol. Therapist.

Sumaya al-Alfi added in a separate statement: “I’m fine, thank God, the doctor who treats me is following me every day as I wait for my health to improve to complete the long journey of cancer treatment. Everyone knows that.”

Al-Alfi thanked his fans: “Thanks to everyone who heard about me and invited Leah, and I’m delighted with the feelings of love that the audience in the Arab world is showing.”

Somaya al-Albi called on the public to pray for him, so that he would be cured of his serious illness, and that he would be satisfied with God’s judgment, and that he would always “praise God.”

Artist Sumaya al-Alfi, who recently underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor in the lymph nodes in her chest, was shocked to find that it had been injured in the chest, which was demonstrated in tests. A malignant tumor.

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