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“Jeedda Bookstore”… the paths of novels and poems build communication skills

Stimulating literary experiences in the coastal city of Jeddah, through a daily program filled with a wide variety of activities, from creative writing trails, key rules of the novel and poetry evenings, to communication and investment skills. Book fair organized by “Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority” in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to dialogue platforms and cultural and artistic seminars, it also attends workshops covering topics such as art, reading, writing, publishing, bookmaking and translation. .

Dialogue Seminars and Workshops witnessed massive attendance (Literature, Publication and Translation Commission).

The Jeddah Book Fair is a cultural window that brings together literary, publishing and translation producers from local and international organizations and institutions with readers and enthusiasts, showcasing youth interest in books and cultural, literary and artistic forums. With the participation of an elite group of influential thinkers and teachers, it is witnessed throughout its ten days.

Innovative paths

“Let the Novel Speak” seminar, the paths of the novel in attracting the reader towards enjoyable reading, the time it takes to write it, the basic rules on which it is structured, apart from the importance of criticism. Iraqi author Hawrah al-Nadawi touched on the issue of literary criticism, reviewing the experience of writing her novel nominated for the Arab Booker Prize, explaining that the novel takes a long time to complete reviews. , and reviewed for one year.

“Let the Novel Speak” Symposium Discussed Pathways to Engaging the Reader (Middle East).

For his part, Egyptian novelist Rasha Samir explained that writing a novel is different from writing a story, noting that both writings are subject to rules that determine their path. The historical novel is considered one of the most difficult novels to write, pointing out that the first critic is the reader, and any errors in the historical narrative or interruptions in events prevent him from reading it.

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In turn, the writer and critic Abdullah al-Aqibi stressed the importance of reading critical books before writing a novel, saying that the time of writing a novel is not important except in relation to the richness of the content for the recipient. It is a road map for the writer, especially the beginner.

Novelist Zafar Madkali speaking at “Novel Sketch” workshop (Asharq al-Awsad)

“Novel Sketch”

The “Novel Sketch” workshop outlined the main aspects of creating a novel work, it pointed out the need to keep track of the characters, focusing on the plot that the hero wants to unravel during the story.

In this context, novelist and journalist Zafar Madkali suggests that while the basic pillars of the novel remain, the structure of the novel in general may continue to change, creating new ideas or different genres of the novel. When the author finished the first draft of his novel, he pointed out the need to create a map of each character individually, based on their roles, subsequent periods and places where they lived. This will impress the reader.

He also focused on the need to carefully choose the ending of the novel so that it summarizes and reminds the reader of the facts of its beginning, body and ending, wanting the ending to be open.

He explained that the plot is an essential part of the structure of the novel, through which the hero finds solutions to the knot, which represents suspense and excitement. With the beginning of the conflict, events develop and harm the characters. Push them to find a solution. This element appears in the first scenes of the novel, and its solution is called untying the knot.

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Dr Raith Al-Sufyani speaking at the Reality of the Sector Symposium (Literary, Publishing and Translation Commission).

Investment in the cultural sector

At the panel discussion, he participated in the seminar “The Reality of the Cultural Sector and the Future of Investing in It”, in which Dr. Raed Al-Sufyani, Director of the Cultural Research and Studies Department of the Ministry of Culture, spoke about the “Cultural Situation Report” that the Ministry monitors cultural activities in the Kingdom, and this report measures the cultural situation. He noted that it has also established a benchmark for understanding trends in the growth and development of the sector.

Al-Sufyani explained that since 2019 the report has been monitoring the cultural situation, including features and statistics in Arabic and English, characterized by transparency and communication through a poll of more than 3,000 participants on the reality of culture. Monitoring the challenges it faces.

Attending a seminar on the reality of the cultural sector and the future of investing in it (Literature, Publication and Translation Commission)

Communication skills

Also, the workshop “Ability to Communicate with the Deaf in Sign Language” explained that just like spoken languages, this language varies from country to country. It also addressed training and educational aspects for those who wish to achieve professional communication with deaf people.

Ali Al-Hasani, the founder of the Saudi Sign Language Interpreters Association, indicates the number of sign language interpreters according to recently published statistics that there are 12 million deaf people in Arab countries and about 720,000 in Saudi Arabia. 103 Saudis point to the importance of training many government sector employees to achieve rapid response in important language signals, including hospital emergencies and the police.

From the workshop “Communicating with the Deaf in Sign Language” (Asharq Al-Awsat).

stage show

Also, the exhibition’s cultural program included the play “The Story of a Poet” written by writer Sami Al-Zaman, directed by Fahad Al-Dosari and starring Turki Al-Yousef, Nermin Mohsen and Abdul Aziz Al-Mubadil. Amidst a packed “Roshan Cultural Hall” crowd.

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Al-Dosari said the play is an allegory of the life of Saudi poet Hamad al-Haji, known as the poet of pain and suffering, as his poems reflect the severity of his physical condition.

From a play depicting the life of Saudi poet Hamad al-Haji (Asharq al-Awsad)

Experiences of Opera Singers

A symposium titled “Music, Beginnings and Aspirations in the Kingdom” brought together visitors to the exhibition with Saudi opera singers Remaz Aqbi, Sawsan Al-Bahiti and Lulwa Al-Sharif. In the presence of musicians and music enthusiasts, Sama Al-Eryani interviewed them.

Ogbi spoke about her experience in the art of opera, explaining that there is a huge investment in music and the support she receives from the Ministry of Culture, describing her beginnings in opera singing as difficult.

Artist Sawsan Al-Bahidi is a speaker at the Dialogue Symposium on Music (Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission).

In turn, Al-Bahidi talked about opera exercises, reviewed how he performed them, and emphasized that vocal chords develop better with practice.

For his part, Al-Sharif said that music was his first passion. Despite some fear and hesitation, he chose jazz because he was inspired by the stories, describing it as difficult: “I was interested in developing myself. The need for it was significant. Saudi jazz in white language.” I want to present and reach operatic art in a new way.

Artist Lulwa Al-Sharif (Authority for Literature, Publication and Translation) during the Music Symposium.

Notably, the “Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority” in Saudi Arabia will host the Jeddah Book Fair, which offers cultural events that cater to various age groups, hobbies and interests, till next Saturday.

Part of a dialogue symposium on “Music, Beginnings and Ambitions in the Kingdom” (Asharq al-Awsad)

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