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Why doesn’t WhatsApp call ring on iPhone? Technology and cars


Amman – Most of the iPhone users are facing the problem of not hearing the phone ringing while receiving calls from the WhatsApp application. Hence, some of them are surprised to see the number of missed calls that go unnoticed while entering the app. If you are one of the owners of this problem, during the following lines we will discuss its causes and ways to treat it. Easy and effortless.

Reasons why WhatsApp calls are not ringing
As mentioned on the Guide Tech website, the problem of WhatsApp calls not ringing if the WhatsApp app is locked usually occurs because the WhatsApp app is owned by another party and requires certain permissions to receive call notifications. Common reasons for WhatsApp calls not ringing on iPhone devices and some versions of Android include:

WhatsApp does not enable notifications.
Enable the Do Not Disturb feature on the device.
Close the WhatsApp app running in the background of the phone.
Turn off app notifications on the device.
Other issues related to app or device related software bugs.
Steps to treat iPhone not ringing problem
First: You should stop disabling the Do Not Disturb feature because this feature prevents notifications from appearing and the phone from ringing automatically, especially on third-party apps like WhatsApp.

Second: Check the Wi-Fi network quality and strength. Sometimes you may be connected to Wi-Fi but due to weak network strength, phone doesn’t receive WhatsApp call ringing notifications, so this is an important factor.

Third: The problem may be related to the WhatsApp app, so you can delete it and download it again or update it to the latest version so that it responds to the phone’s settings.

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Fourth: You might have unknowingly activated the feature that disables WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone, so in this case all you need to do is go to settings, select the WhatsApp app and enable the autoplay option.

Fifth: Another common cause of interference with the phone’s ability to hear sound is cache files, so you can clear the cache by entering settings, selecting the applications icon, reviewing application information, selecting WhatsApp, then selecting “Storage. and Cache” button, then clear the cache.

Sixth: Activating battery saver is one of the reasons that can prevent the iPhone ringing problem because the phone automatically blocks call notifications to save a lot of battery, so disable the feature and find the solution there.

Ringing sound disappearing problem on iPhone
In turn, Apple has previously commented on the disappearance of the ringing sound on the phone, suggesting that activating the silent mode may be the main cause of the problem, and therefore suggested canceling the feature. It also confirmed the Do Not Disturb feature. One of the reasons for the disappearance of the ringing sound is that the user should go to the settings and click on the focus icon, then do not disturb and disable the feature.

Apple’s suggested steps to clean the phone’s speaker with a small brush if it’s clogged or dirty cause the sound quality to drop. Apple also suggested that the sound channel and speakers may sometimes need maintenance, and in conclusion, Apple urged users to check the sound settings and contact Apple Support if the user is experiencing sound problems. – support.apple.

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Adjust sound settings on iPhone
Apple has provided a set of tools to help you adjust the sound on the iPhone, specifically:

Adjust the volume in Control Center especially when the phone is locked or when using a specific application. After opening Control Center, swipe on Sound Settings.
Putting the iPhone on silent mode is one of the common tricks that iPhone users use to focus on some work. Orange usually appears to turn off silent mode. For iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max versions, you can go to Settings and enable silent mode. Then turn on the Sounds and Haptics icon, then Silent Mode.
Apple explained that Siri services can be used to increase or decrease the volume.

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